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2024 Goals -Sample

Annual Goals

Goal 1: Operations Management (10% weight)
Maintain up-to-date accounting in WaveApps
Ensure payroll is run on a timely manner
Analyze and eliminate technology debt (recurring charges for unused programs/over-engineering)
Goal 2: Consulting and Coaching ( 35% weight)
Improve Sales Pitch
Gain partners to pipeline small clients
Obtain 12 new Basic package clients OR equivalent ($7,000/month) - 15 hours/week
Hold 6 low-cost webinars for nonprofits per year
Create strong lead magnet to grow nonprofit list
Recruit pro-bono projects for four quarters to include in course sales materials

Goal 3: Salesforce for Nonprofit Training Program (40% weight)
Hold one in-person 5-day training (Course on hyperdrive)
Update materials to include nonprofit cloud
Convert study guide to class/rebrand
Get feedback from Fall 2023 class and incorporate into evergreen launch
Dates to turn in portfolio to participate in pro-bono projects (03/31,06/30,09/30,12/31)
Create 3 small feeder classes
User Interface
Reports and Dashboards
Engagement Planning for Strategic Fundraisers
Finish 30 day study schedule (Lead magnet)
Total Sales of Basic Course —$50,000
Total Sales of Advanced Course — $50,000

Goal 4: Marketing and other events (15%)
Update website -include profiles of past students
Create and implement new social media strategies to increase engagement by 150% and followers by 200%
Increase email list to 10,000
Create new email automations to support lead magnets
Hold “Experience Session” — Week long immersive experience solving a problem for nonprofit. Application process, favor given to past portfolio finishers
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