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Subcontractor Process

Subcontractor Process

1. Vendor Empanelment

Business Need is validated in terms of skills, rates etc. (IBU)
Vendor is selected based on a defined selection criterion (IBU)
Rates and terms have been negotiated (HR)
A contract is signed that has the minimal stipulated clauses (HR)

2. Consultant Signup

Customer has approved rate and start date for additional team members (Sales)
Customer request can not be fulfilled either due to capacity or time and hence a subcontractor is the only way forward (IBU)
IBU has assessed that Consultant has the skills, experience and attitude to perform in the role planned for him/her (IBU)
Agreed rates deliver an EBITDA of >=15% on the billing rate and are in line with IBU’s target profitability. If below 15%, then discussed with Finance (IBU)
Customer has approved Consultant’s profile and start date for the resource has been confirmed (Sales)
A Consultant Addendum is signed with Client for the consultant (Sales)
A Consultant Addendum is signed with Vendor for the consultant-Project, Cost Rate, Start Date and any other terms (HR)

3. Consultant Onboarding in Tarento

All the NDA, IP rights etc paperwork is completed (HR)
Consultant education, experience and other profile info is maintained (HR)
Tarento Email id is setup (HR)
Consultant is added to “partner-Consultant” DL (HR)
Kronos access is setup (HR)

4. Consultant Onboarding in Project

Consultant is on-boarded into the project as per the agreed process with Customer (IBU)
Consultant work performance and utilization is monitored (IBU)

5. Consultant Billings to Customer

Consultant is logging the hours in Kronos under the right project (IBU)
Confirm the consultant hours for billing (IBU)
Bill to the customer (Finance)

6. Consultant Payments to Vendor

Vendor presents the Invoice to Finance (Vendor)
Hours are exactly the same as billed to customers - Auto Pay (Finance)
Resolve the difference with IBU (Finance)
Make the payment to the vendor as per agreed terms (Finance)

7. Performance Management and Issue Resolution

Work related performance issues are highlighted and resolved with Vendor (IBU)
Contractual queries are tracked and issues are resolved (HR)
Financial queries are tracked and issues are resolved (Finance)

8. Consultant Exit

The exit date of the consultant is communicated (IBU)
Work handover is planned and executed(IBU)
The exit process is executed (HR)

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