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Democratize AI

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Vision & Mission


Democratize AI for FinTech


Our mission is to build a comprehensive suite of AI apps for Financial Services companies to help them accelerate adoption of AI & Machine Learning in decisions throughout the customer life-cycle.

We are committed to helping these enterprises drive shareholder value, deliver incredible customer experiences, and manage risk effectively through these AI apps backed by our expertise & professional services.
We are driven by a strong commitment to social responsibility, fostering an inclusive and diverse AI community of practice. Through proactive collaborations with purpose-driven organizations and esteemed mission-oriented academic institutions, we want to unite forces to shape a future of AI that is equitable, empowering, and transformative.


Build an AI community of practice

whose members would be trained to design, build, and manage the AI apps for Financial Services industry.

Provide free AI & ML training to this community

using our revolutionary methodology of learning through real-world data & AI problems (aka Design Challenges) within the Financial Services industry.

Help our community members network

with industry experts and business leaders within Financial Services, to learn and find meaningful internships, jobs, and growth opportunities.

Enable every FinTech decision to be powered by AI

from foundational data engineering/ management capabilities to risk assessment to customer engagement. Our goal is to empower FinTech companies to leverage AI in all facets of their operations, unlocking new opportunities for growth and efficiency.

Business Outcomes & Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

AI Community of Practice i.e., Synapse Network

Our Company i.e., Synapse Labs

Revenue Strategy

Establish sustainable revenue streams

by offering the following services to businesses and corporate entities operating in the Financial Services industry
Professional services e.g., integrate ML models into production pipelines, train models on their datasets
Corporate training e.g., Bootcamps to train employees on Applied AI & ML
Talent acquisition solutions e.g., Internship programs with access to our diverse talent pipeline and Behavioral Blueprint to aid recruitment
White-labeling opportunities for academic institutions and edtech firms, offering our revolutionary training methodology as well as content, including our cutting-edge Behavioral Blueprint

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