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Personal SWOT Analysis
Personal SWOT Analysis

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Let's start with the things you know a lot about!
💡 We will discuss interests and skills as they pertain to competitive advantages later on in Launch OS. This exercise is meant to get you thinking about the knowledge you already have. We’ll build on this later.

Personal Interests

Let’s start with the fun stuff! List all the things you enjoy doing or spend a lot of time doing. These can be hobbies, interests, games, books, sports, etc. Don’t hold back here...even if you consider it a “small” interest or part of your life, include it in your list.
If you’re struggling to think of interests or talents, use these prompts:
If you had 4 free hours to yourself, what would you do with that time?
If your friends wanted to ask your advice on something, what would they ask about?
If you got paid $1,000,000 to do anything for 8 hours every single day, what would you do?
Interest / Talent
Level of Interest/Talent
Video Editing
Martial Arts
Video Games
There are no rows in this table
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Professional Interests

Let’s dive into some professional interests. These are traditional “work” activities or skills that you enjoy. This list likely won’t be as long as your recreational interests list, but it can still provide some insight into the types of things you are made to do and enjoy doing.
If you’e struggling to think of professional interests, use these prompts:
What can you do better than anyone else in your company?
What talent or skill should your boss utilize that he/she doesn’t know you possess?
What parts of your job make you feel like you’re not working a job? (enjoying yourself)
Level of Interest/Talent
Traveling for work
Running meetings
Taking sales calls
Writing memos
There are no rows in this table
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Nice! We’ll use this foundation throughout Launch OS to find businesses and models that you are hardwired to succeed in (and that you’ll enjoy).

Now, let’s identify the hard skills you already possess, as well as need to learn:

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