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CCC Data Analysis project

What is this project?
Choose a dataset of your choice to conduct a data-driven business analysis project
Assume the role of a consultant and analyze a business trend
Present analysis through deliverables (deliverable report, dashboard, slides, whatever you want)

Why you should do this?
Pad the resume with a portfolio project
Learn in-demand and technical data analysis skills(Python, Excel, SQL, Tableau)
Receive feedback to improve analytical/presentation skills

Can collaborate individually or with a partner(s)
Due end of winter quarter with a presentation

What if I get stuck? What if I don’t know where to start
Message me at or dm me on slack
Google is your best friend! You can almost always find the answer on Google
This is meant to be challenging but well worth it!

Step by step
Spotify Top 100
Airbnb Listings & Review
Anything here or anywhere
Create a few key business questions you want to investigate through your data analysis (Descriptive Analytics, Causal relationships, Predictive modeling) You want to tell a story with your data analysis.
What factors affect AirBnB listings in urban/rural living areas?
What is the connection between class status and survival rate on the Titanic?
How do demographic factors affect consumption behaviors in the fashion industry?
How can I predict if a customer had a positive experience with X website?
Project timeline:
Explore your data
Generate summary statistics
Explore data with visualizations(bar graphs, histograms, line graphs, scatter plots, etc)
Create a central research question(s)
Clean data
Ensure data doesn’t contain NULL values, duplicates, weird values, etc.
for an intro in Excel
Analysis you can provide
Descriptive analytics
Find the number of Spotify Artists in the top 10 and their genres?
Which types of locations are most popular for AirBnB rentals?
More advanced statistical analysis
statistics tests
predictive models
Create visualizations
Write down insights shown through data
Now that you have your analysis, create a final presentable deliverable
Powerpoint presentation [Optional]
create a 5-10 slide presentation of your findings
present this to the consulting group
Examples of final deliverables

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