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CCC Consulting Curriculum

Organize and prioritize
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This check-list is compiled for those looking to learn more about consulting and strategies to successfully tackle case studies outside of GBMs. These are resources that I have found helpful as I’ve prepared for consulting recruitment. After checking off every item from this list, you will have established some comfort tackling case studies and understand more about what it means to be a consultant. Due dates are TBD and are meant to keep people on track. While the curriculum is still in development, this is a rough structure of the what the program will include. Open to suggestions and ideas!

Why Coda?

Coda is an innovative platform that will enable users to create a copy of this document so they can check off tasks. This will be the primary platform we will use for learning, discussions, and keeping on track with the curriculum timeline.
Coda can also be used for project management, scheduling, note-taking, creating websites, and more! Here is an of a UCSD Bucket List website I made using Coda.

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Consulting Task Tracker
Make changes to resume based on feedback +
Watch Learn Case interviews in 30 min, if you haven't yet
Create a LinkedIn account and connect with 10 CCC members and 5 CCC alumni(add a personalized message)
First meet up! Discussion on what to expect from this program and suggestions
Frameworks + Clarifying questions
& read general business-specific frameworks: Profitability, Market-entry, Product Growth, M&A
Read more about how to create initial frameworks and consulting resources Learn how to approach asking clarifying questions before you create a framework
Understand aspects of different types of cases
Study Profitability:
Study Market sizing:
Understand ways to tackle profitabilty case study issues: “How to increase profits for X company in Y years?”, “What are ways we can increase revenue and cut costs?” Understand how to answer: “What is the market size of Tesla this year?” Understand
Watch an expert and get ready to try casing with a buddy
Watch case study live walkthrough with a McKinsey casing expert:
Set up a mock case interview with a partner. Click
to learn ways to evaluate a candidate and refer to for a professional mock case
Case study night where we walk through industry cases.
Watch these videos to find ways to improve communication skills
Great resources for improving communication skills
Case study meant to show everyone how much they’ve learned about consulting
Final Case study Test
Final case study to assess learning throughout the quarter. This will be chosen from either a tech consulting case study or MBB strategy
Attend night with CCC alum and industry consultants
Info night with sucessful people
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