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Darwinbox Competitive Intelligence Checklist

This competitor intel checklist gives you a list of questions to answer about your company and your competitors to see where you differ from your competitors.

Date last updated:
12/7/2022 12:36:32 AM

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Darwinbox Position Management
SF Position Management
Who are their target customers? Including segments and verticals.
CS and ITS again topping the charts Maximum customers between 1-10M Followed by >1000M
Computer Software, followed by ITS. Maximum Customers - 10M-50M Revenue followed by >1000M
How many customers do they have? Some companies will have this published on their site, others might require a bit of digging.
Which are some of the big-ticket businesses on their client list? Of these, which are referencable case study clients? They’ll shout about it if they do, so this one should be easy to find out.
What countries do they operate in?
US, India, UK, Germany, Canada, Brazil, France, Italy, Australia (In order of customers present)
US, Canada, UK, India, Australia, France, Japan (In order of customers present)
What do their positive online reviews say? What do their negative online reviews say? What negatives are included in their best reviews? Consider using extracts from some in here, along with their star rating (if applicable).
Positive - Excellent Audit report and workflow tracking mechanism. All employee info in one location - reporting details, attendance, leave planning, pay slip information, Income tax declaration, form 16 till my exit initiation. Efficient support & user manuals from SAP Negative in Positive - UI is choppy(especially learning module), Data Centers are not local. Integrations may not work properly leading to loss of data. Typical tough backend coding, and complicated back end Cost and not very adaptable to change. Bulk upload formats are very rigid Latency Negative - no possibility to customize based on local requirements Poor user experience, clunky interaction, quick timeouts, is basically a form-filler with a couple of categories assignable. The quarterly released update would require a lot of maintenance work The recruiting section is hard for internal candidates to navigate and find jobs due to the categories. The reporting is abysmal, if not useless.
Are there any trends among their online complaints? And how have these trends changed over time?
Chucky UI, Bad Reporting standards, Adaptability and Flexibility concerns
What are the defining features of the aforementioned products?
Global Talent Sourcing - dynamic talent pools, global job distribution, automated job advertising, sourcing analytics
Candidate Experience - Process Automation, Mobile Collaboration, Global Support, Extensive Ecosystem
Candidate Relationship Management - Candidate nurturing, Targeting Landing Pages, Progressive Profiling
What are the value drivers or intended customer outcomes of the aforementioned products?
How much do you charge versus how much do your competitors charge?
Are they currently running any discounts or promotional offers? And for enterprise sales scenarios, are typical discounts offered?
What are their perceived strengths?
What are their perceived weaknesses?
Do they offer POCs?
Do they have any partnerships? If so, who with?
Where can customers find help documents and articles?
If you have access, what’s their user experience like? Breakdown the pros and cons.
How do they currently differentiate themselves from the rest of the market?
What messaging do they use?
What use cases do they have listed?
If applicable, how does the messaging change between different segments, verticals or use cases?
What’s their tagline?
How much activity is there on their marketing channels? Think about things like blogs, social media, webinars, eBooks, emails, podcasts, newsletters, etc.
What types of content are in their three most important channels? I.e. thought leadership, practical how-to’s, product-oriented, etc.
What kind of marketing approach do they take? Do they target their industry as a whole? Or do they use account-based marketing (ABM)?
What kind of topics do they talk about? And what kind of keywords do they bid on? Tip: a spike in previously uncovered topics could be a clue they’re bringing out something new.
Do they get much engagement?
How effective is their social reach? Split this by channel - i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.
What are they saying in their press releases, paid campaigns, events, etc?
Do they have any partnerships? If so, who with?
Do they run events? And/or attend tradeshows?
How does their organic ranking compare to yours?
How would you describe their website’s visual identity? Have they recently had it redone?
Do they have any tools, calculators, quizzes, apps, etc.?
Do they currently or have they recently ran any competitions or campaigns?
Sales/customer success strategy
What does their sales process look like?
How long does their sales cycle take?
Do they provide things like live chatbots? If so, what’s that experience like?
Do they have any partnerships? If so, who with?
What types of sales assets do they use? You may be able to find some of this online, or if you’ve recently hired someone from a competitor, pick their brains.
What’s their response time like for customer requests/questions? If it’s either really good or really bad this is usually something you can pull out from reviews/complaints
How do they escalate customer complaints?
Have they had any recent acquisitions? Or been acquired themselves? List any that have taken place in the last 3-5 years.
How would you describe their growth trajectory?
How many employees do they have? Break these numbers down by major departments.
Where are their support teams based?
Where are their sales teams based?
Which departments, if any, are having a recruitment surge?
What words describe their customer-facing teams?
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