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Welcome to Samara Trust, The HeART Source Library offering Multidimensional HeART Spaces and Stories of Ecosystemic Facilitation as regenerative public goods to individuals, communities, and organizations on the frontiers of cultural and economic conscious evolution.
This library celebrates the ethic of as an embodied evolution of open source philosophy. We know heART source creations as open source art forms created by the heart with no limit to form; we see facilitation, education, learning, systems design, governance, reciprocal sharing (a heart-based form of economic exchange), storytelling, music, and painting all as possible heART source creations.
The founding members of Samara Trust hold a very particular perspective and ambition: We believe that any true solutions to our wicked planetary and social crises must decode and supersede the that currently drive the entropic extraction of humanity and our ecological basis of survival. We are advocating for new perceptions and protocols for human sovereignty capable of running economic exchange that serves all life in unconditional love and wholeness - something we call the .
We practice and prototype in Samara Trust, knowing that true systems transformation must first occur inside each of us via our own learning, unlearning, and human and spiritual development, as there is no such thing as separation from the systems we live in and generate.
Just like a public library, you can think of Samara Trust as the infrastructure, resources, and systems that support the learning and work of its members. We’re organized as a DAO, although we prefer the term .
If you want to dive deeper into learning who we are, what we do, and how we be and do, please enjoy browsing through our and explore our ever-evolving .
We hope you enjoy exploring with us and that we might spark some beautiful inspiration inside you. 🌺
With love from our heart to yours!
Editor’s Note: Just like our collective journey in Trust, and life itself are ever-evolving, so is this coda page. We invite you to enjoy all that is here through a lens of an infinite story that we tell.

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