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Coda Capstone Project

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Home Care Doc

Owning a home is very much like running a company. Everything is a lot smoother when someone has their fingers on the pulse of the operations. Even though your home might not employ an executive who is ultimately responsible, monitoring any work, maintenance, or improvements taking place within the confines of your property, keeping an updated database reduces the risk of something slipping through the cracks.
This doc can be used for anything from little chores such as washing the dishes, vacuuming, or mowing the lawn to larger endeavors such as adding a new addition on to the house. It not only drastically reduces questions when you need to reference something, but also makes for an impressed buyer when the time comes to sell.

How to set up this doc

Complete the section by entering the individuals taking part in the chores and projects.
In the section, include the relevant data for each chore/project to be completed.
Add tasks to the section to populate data within the doc.

How to use this doc

Select to view the details for everyone’s chores.
Select to view .
Select to view .
Select to view .
Select to view .
Once a task has been fully completed, click on the "Complete" button to clear it from the schedule.

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