Godot 4.2 release video

This video is sponsored by all the new and experienced developers who have learned game dev using GDQuest premium courses.
Stick around til the end for a special Godot 4.2 coupon you can use for a limited time only to pre-order your Godot 4 course at 50% below launch price.
With Godot 4.2 considerably more stable (as you’ll find out in a minute), we’re rolling out our Godot 4 courses in Early Access starting DEC 30, 2023. You will be able to access them directly on GDSchool our brand new learning platform. Link in the description
First, you can expect our foundational courses: Learn 2D & 3D Gamedev From Zero with Godot 4, followed by our popular interactive cookbook of game mechanics: Node Essentials Godot 4 edition. “Release Timeline in the description”.
Throughout Early Access, you’ll be able to get each new module as soon as we release it rather than wait for the complete course to be launched in full version at full price. Back to what’s new in Godot 4.2.

With the Great Godot 4 Starter Kit, you get our foundational 2D and 3D course for beginners: Learn Gamedev from Zero with Godot 4. It comes with a total of 33 modules packed with interactive exercises. Next in queue will be the popular Godot Cookbook for Game Devs: Node Essentials, Godot 4 edition.
Use the coupon we will communicate at some point in this video link in the description to checkout the release timeline and pre-purchase your course with up to 50% off for a very limited time.

In addition, to mark the release of Godot 4.2, we’re giving out an early bird coupon for an extra 25% off on top of the Early Access presale. In case you’re wondering... Yes, it does mean that if you preorder your Godot 4 course now, you would be paying only half of what you would at launch. [link in the description]
the occasion of the release of Godot 4, you can or our foundational course aimed at complete beginners: Learn Gamedev from Zero with Godot 4. It comes in two parts 2D & 3D purchasable both separately and together. purchasable separately or material will be released in Early Access on GDSchool, the brand new learning platform we’ve developed around the needs of game dev in order to improve you your learning experience.

becomethose of you who have been waiting for Godot 4 courses will be awill For those of you waiting for our Godot 4 courses, we’re very excited to announce their progressive release in Early Access starting DEC 30 beginner and experienced game devs For those of you who have been waiting for our Godot 4 courses, we’re excited to announce that with with Godot 4.2 now sufficiently stable

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