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Smart store builder for Catalog, Marketing, Selling and CRM, based on Coda AI
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Why Smart Store Builder

Over the course of the last few years, e-commerce, has developed into an integral aspect of the retail sector worldwide. With the rise of the internet, the process of purchasing and selling goods has undergone a significant transformation, much like many other industries. Hundreds of small and medium scale sellers starting their online store. These sellers or business owners are not very highly skilled and trained in making digital product catalog and marketing online and offline. Smart Store Builder is Coda AI based catalog builder and marketing template for the users. Smart Store Builder provides framework to not only build the catalog but also helps in marketing strategy and customer support using Coda AI.

How Smart Store Builder helps

This template support the user to create single item details and a full catalog features. The template uses Coda AI to build multiple functions automatically to:
increase productivity build the features with professional touch
reduce the time to market
Make marketing campaign smooth.
Team synchronisation
Get insights from the feedback and review
Following are the main features

Catalog Building using Coda AI

Tagline for the item using AI
Build category list and suggest target customers and sale events for each category
Assign a category/sub-category to the item
Find the target customers
Related products for cross selling suggestion

Marketing using Coda AI.

Blog Post for various social media platforms
Suggestion for the best 3 online platforms for marketing campaign
Compose and send promotion email based on the description of the item

Sale Schedule using Coda AI

Create sale/discount offer schedule using Coda AI
Send reminders to team members for Sale

Customer Support

Prepare list of FAQ using Coda AI to prepare customer support team
Compose and send mail for Customer Feedback using Coda AI
Calculate item’s rating based on the feedback by the customers
Find sentiments in the customer feedback

Ticket Tracker
Broken link

Create a ticket tracker with status
Status dashboard

Single Item Template

This page provides the opportunity to focus on the single item with functionalities included for
Item Details
Sale Event
Review/Feedback/Sentiment Analysis 🙂 🙁
Users can copy this page for each individual item.

How it Works:

All Table Columns having suffix ‘-AI’ are generated by Coda AI

There are two ways the user can utilise the template:

Build full items catalog

: Database for items catalog
: Database for Issue Type, List of overall events and Customer Emails
: Teams members

page provides a table where the user can enter item’s ID,Title, Category, Image. Table shall automatically generate other column using Coda AI:
Item tagline
Assign Sub Category
Related Products
page shall create the Cards view for the catalog
page a view of catalog shall be inserted having following columns build automatically using Coda AI:
Target Customers
Digital Media Posts ( Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Instagram )
Suggestion for online platforms for Marketing campaign
Customised marketing Mail Template for each item based on its description
Send mail button using Gmail Pack
page, features supporting selling are available
Coda AI shall find Sale events and schedule for those events
Assign the sale event for the team members
send notification/alert for the team
page provides functions for Customer relation and support
User has to fill the feedback in the table then Coda AI shall
Find the overall sentiment of the feedback
Calculate the rating
Compose and send Feedback mail
Create Frequently Asked questions FAQs and answers in advanced for the customer support using Coda AI
Charts display for insights

Broken link
page shall include trackers for the tickets raised by the customers and will provide insights also

Build single item details

using : All the above mentioned features can be created for a single items

How to use

Copy the template
On table → fill Customer email table on
on table →Fill Title, Category, Image URL, Description
Table→ Fill team members detail
To work on single item page fill the details as instructed on the page

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