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Software Quality, Bugs, and SLAs

Weekly Status

Monitor the number of bugs per engineer on a weekly basis to see if you hit the bug/eng threshold.
This section serves as your team's main dashboard. Everyone can see open bugs by priorities and have a clear sense of whether they should focus on bugs or features. In particular, the trend chart shows whether the team is making progress toward improving quality or things are getting worse. Toggle priority level selector to play around and see which bugs are over their threshold and should be fixed quickly.

Note: Dashboards and frameworks are tools. It is important to treat them as such ー if this doesn't work for your team, please customize it. Steal things that work, copy them, change them. Discard ideas that don't.

Happy Bug Slaying!

Show the last
weeks of bugs

P1 Bugs:
⛔️ Above Threshold (6/1/2020)

P2 Bugs:
⛔️ Above Threshold (6/1/2020)

P3 Bugs:
✅ Below Threshold (6/1/2020)

P4 Bugs:
✅ Below Threshold (6/1/2020)

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