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OKR Template

This section is meant to be duplicated each quarter.

Strategy Letter

The strategy letter describes our Q4 strategy and how it ladders into the annual strategy and goals. Common sections are below


tl;dr for the entire letter. Where we are, where we’re going. How we did in the previous quarter, and themes for the next quarter.

Strategy Recap

Remind everyone, in brief, of the overall company strategy. What are we trying to achieve, why, and what is our path to getting there. What are we not doing. How will we know if we’re successful.

Previous Quarter Reflection

Grade OKRs
Objective: First objective.
🟢 KR1: Crushed this key result.
🟡 KR2: Made progress but fell a bit short on this result.
Objective: Second objective
🟢 KR1: Crushed this one too.
🔴 KR2: Failed to make meaningful progress.

Explain in longform what went well and what did not. For yellow / red KRs, detail any lessons learned and what we would do differently the next time.

Coming Quarter Goals

Start with OKRS
Objective: First objective.
KR1: 10000 active users
KR2: 99.9% uptime
Objective: Second objective
KR1: Hire 10 amazing teammates
KR2: Get company together twice.

Lay out the strategy to achieve these objectives. Focus on the key themes that everyone should take into account when they do their bottoms up plans.


Lay out the key risks ahead of us. What should we be proactively doing something about and what should we be keeping an eye on?


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