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How to use this template

This template is meant to be your annual company OKR tool.
Companies use different planning cycle lengths — this particular tool can be adapted to any cycle, assuming there is a mid-point. We use quarterly cycles and as a result, this tool is setup for that length.


Start with . These should be a numbered list of annual OKRs and prose that describes what you intend to do.
page with members of your organization. This will be helpful later when populating OKR owners.
Duplicate the for each quarter.
For each function, create a new page representing that function’s OKRs.
There are two hidden scale columns for mid-cycle and final check-ins. Leave those hidden for now.


Beginning of the quarter

Begin with the strategy letter. We typically have one for the annual strategy, and a smaller one for each quarter. The strategy letter template is provided as the first page of the OKR template. Strategy letter is owned by the executive team.
Each team fills out their OKRs. The current template splits teams out by function. However, you may want to split by team instead. Feel free to customize.
Gather feedback asynchronously. Each page has a feedback table pertinent to that page.
Schedule a review meeting. In the review meeting, team leaders should do two things:
Review the prior quarter OKRs, lessons learned, and victories achieved.
Narrate the upcoming OKRs if necessary.
Answer and discuss issues raised in feedback.

Middle of the quarter

Unhide the mid-cycle column. Let leaders go through and lightly grade their progress on a 1-5 scale. 5 indicates on track, 1 indicates trouble.
Schedule a review meeting. If there need to be changes to the planning, things added or dropped, this is where they should show up.

End of the quarter

End quarter process overlaps with beginning of the quarter. Final grades and lessons learned should be discussed with the next quarter’s cycle.
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