Club Development Committee
A standing committee of the San Diego County Democratic Party Central Committee, the Club Development Committee assists the development of Democratic clubs and provides assistance in the support of chartered clubs.

Club Development Committee
John Loughlin
Susan Peinado
Katie Meyer
Sue Alderson
Kelly King
Samm Hurst
From the SDCDP Policies and Procedures, Section IX, Committees (November 21, 2017)

Club Development Committee

a. Be chaired by the Director of Clubs.
b. Assist in drafting and implementing the annual plan for club development.
c. Assist in the organization of Democratic clubs and coalitions.
d. Provide assistance to Democratic clubs.
e. Ensure SDCDP’s Bylaws with respect to endorsements made by chartered clubs are understood and being followed. Work with individual clubs as needed to mitigate any problems that arise during the charter term.
f. Perform biennial review of SDCDP Clubs Manual in odd-numbered years.
g. Be composed of the Director of Clubs and one member from each Area to be chosen by that Area and up to two at-large members to be chosen by the Council of Clubs. At least one member of the committee shall be a representative of an Affinity club and at least one member of the committee shall be from a Geographic club. Nothing shall prevent said Committee from appointing additional members by majority vote, where special expertise is required using the process defined in A.1 Appointments to Committees of these Policies and Procedures.
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