Dem Clubs from San Diego County

Club meetings have moved online

Most clubs have moved to online meetings with easy-to-use video conferencing tools. You can now 'visit' clubs from all over the county from your computer, smart or regular phone.
There are around 50 Democratic clubs located across San Diego County (


The clubs are the grassroots of the Democratic Party.
Clubs are open to any registered Democrat in San Diego County. Not sure how you’re registered to vote?

Check your
. For more information, call the Registrar of Voters at (858) 565-5800.
is an informal assembly of Democratic Club presidents and officers and meets monthly to share ideas/tactics between Democratic clubs by:
training on topics chosen by the clubs
networking new club officers with Democratic club veterans
fostering a spirit of cooperation and shared purpose
Register for all of the
and you’ll get details on how to join from your computer/smartphone/regular phone. If you have any problems please email

If you’re a Democratic Club Officer join the Council of Clubs mailing list

Additionally, join our
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