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Engagement Survey Reflection Template

Engagement survey reflections & action plans could be better...

Engagement surveys are a huge investment of your time, but such an important way to make sure employees are heard and valued. They also provide the necessary information to more effectively support the team and move the business forward. Yet usually, we are exporting and sharing results via a slide deck, a method that is not easily commented on nor actioned.
So how do we make these surveys have the impact on engagement and morale as well as come away with the right plan? How do we make sure employees truly do feel heard and also feel as though they have a hand in the solution?
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How to drive meaning and action from the reflections in Coda

In Coda, there is a better way to both present the results and facilitate a discussion that provides ample space for people to share reflections, suggestions, and feedback and tease out what’s most important to the team. What’s great about running these in Coda, too, is a lot of the pre-work of reflecting on what others have shared can be done fully async so that once the team does get together, you can prioritize the most important topics to discuss and decide on actions to take.
At Coda, we use CultureAmp for the survey and then share the full-company results using
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template (this template is a condensed version of our full survey), sending it out to the entire company and then running a simple reflection through
our Dory
where Codans can ask questions or share thoughts (anonymously or not) and the relevant leader will provide an answer. We’ve received ample feedback from Codans that it’s helpful to reflect and get answers with the entire company. Many Codans also appreciate the ability to write in questions rather than need to ask them live. As you’ll see, we use an upvoting system as well so that Codans can vote on what topics they want to make sure get answered first. From both the survey results and the discussion, we decide on actions we will commit to as a company. For smaller teams, we encourage them to run a similar process in a smaller setting and decide on their own commitments.

🌳 Example of Company Reflection (not real data)

This is our condensed “pulse” engagement survey that we run in addition to our annual, more in depth engagement survey. This is NOT real company-wide data from Coda.

Thank you for your participation in our Engagement Survey!

A reminder... Purpose of our engagement survey

Coda utilizes engagement surveys to enable Codans to speak up on what matters to them, drive insight on employee engagement, identify focus areas to improve employee experience, and drive company and employee success across culture, product, and the organization.
Our survey results have been intentionally timed to land at the start of OKR planning to infuse reflection and to better support your planning efforts. You will also receive your org-level results this week. We will share our high-level takeaways in our Friday demos to set the scene for planning.
If you have any questions or comments on the survey findings, please add in the
Ready to read the company results? Read on! 👇

Participation rate 🤚 → 99%

Responses: 203 of 205
Rate: 99% 🙌
→ 99% participation rate is exciting to see! This is an increase of X% from the last survey.
It’s important to have a representative sample. An ideal participation rate is around 75%-80%.
Eligible participants included employees who have a minimum tenure of 3 months from the date of survey launch and were not on a leave of absence (i.e parental leave, medical leave, etc).

Themes / Takeaways

Engagement Factor → 96% Codans felt very engaged!

Overall, Coda’s engagement is at 96% favorable, down X% from XX% from the last survey. This is still a very, healthy score.
Screen Shot 2023-04-18 at 10.37.02 AM.png

Broken down by Factors

Alignment Factor 95% Alignment across company values and objectives are strong.
Screen Shot 2023-04-18 at 10.37.37 AM.png
Enablement Factor 88% Codans felt enabled through our structure and environment.
Screen Shot 2023-04-18 at 10.39.06 AM.png
Development Factor 88% Codans felt strong about their development
Screen Shot 2023-04-18 at 10.38.17 AM.png
Leadership Factor 85% View the Leadership Team positively
Screen Shot 2023-04-18 at 10.40.51 AM.png
Execution Factor 24% This was the area for most improvement.
Screen Shot 2023-04-17 at 2.43.19 PM.png
Factor Heatmaps
We leverage heatmaps to understand potential demographic differences in experiences at Coda. Green boxes indicate a score that is higher than the overall team’s score, red boxes indicate a score that is lower than the overall team’s score. The larger the spread, the more different the experience groups are having.
Results by Gender
Note: We are sharing gender as a binary, though there are many other categories and expressions of gender that could be included.
[include your own heatmap for Gender or other demographic breakdowns you wish to share with the team]

Our Analysis

Bright spots and hotspots to pay attention to.
Reminder: Comments, while helpful, are individual’s opinion, not always illustrative of the majority opinion, so please remember to look at the overall score in addition to the comments.

What is going well

These are areas to celebrate!
Screen Shot 2023-04-18 at 10.43.08 AM.png
Screen Shot 2023-04-18 at 10.43.51 AM.png

Illustrative comments on these high-scoring questions

Codans have a clear sense of the company objectives and goals (an increase of X% compared to the last survey). Codan’s understanding of how their work aligns to said objectives and goals remain high (it was XX% last survey). There were efforts earlier this year to bring clarity to this with the introduction of Big Bets, regular weekly demo’s that illuminate work on these Big Bets, and we hope through continued repetition, Codans will better understand how their work directly feeds into our company goals. Through the many changes from the onset of this year, Codans have adapted to new roles and team structures and it’s great to see Codans feel that they are part of a team (compared to XX% in the last survey). There have been intentional effort to bring teams together for connectivity and bonding and we will continue to encourage teams get together to strengthen this area.
On overall company objectives and goals
I feel very clear and aligned to our Big Bets. I’m more excited than ever about the future of Coda! Supporting
I think we’re headed on the right path, but still need time to tell. It’s not yet 100% clear to me. Neutral
I find the goals to be a bit confusing still, not sure why we’re doing X and not Y, Z and not A. Dissenting
On how my work aligns to company objectives and goals
I really appreciate the themes this year vs feature areas , makes me feel more accountability and autonomy to hit these goals Supporting
Clear bets and pointed the right direction. Supporting
Ideally we would have clearer roles and responsibilities, in addition to metrics, but we’re taking the right steps Neutral
On a team level, my work lacks direction which makes it hard to feel aligned with overall company goals and objectives. Dissenting
On feeling part of a team
I love my team and feel so lucky to work alongside kind, smart, hardworking people. Supporting
I feel like I am a part of my role team but would say outside of that it starts to feel less true. Neutral
I feel really disconnected from the larger team. Not sure I have time to spend connecting with colleagues. Dissenting
Feel free to include others...

What are opportunities for improvement

Our top opportunities
Based on your results, Culture Amp's Focus Agent recommends these areas with the most potential for positive change.
Screen Shot 2023-04-18 at 10.51.32 AM.png
Screen Shot 2023-04-18 at 10.46.21 AM.png

Illustrative comments from the G&A org on these low-scoring questions

On decision making at Coda:
Unsure who to get buy-in from on certain initiatives i.e whether all or certain people in exec staff needs to know, or just a few Supporting
On action taking place:
Honestly, things change so much from month to month. I can hardly remember our last survey results. Neutral
On performing at our max potential [note, because the result was negative, supporting comments support the idea we are not performing at max potential]:
There's been a lot of change this quarter - I think we are now starting to get into more of a rhythm of running, but am also mindful that people are feeling pretty tired from either how much change there's been, or how much they've needed to take on.Supporting
I feel like we are moving a lot faster than we did last year - really love the focus we have this year & I do think I’m able to make decisions a lot faster & ship faster!!! Dissenting
Our biggest area of opportunities centered around improving execution [insert analysis]
These scores lend themselves to an action oriented approach in asking ourselves - what can we do to better perform at our max potential? Through this survey, we’ve collected a lot of comments with concrete suggestions Codans recommend to increase the chances that we hit our goals for the upcoming quarter which you’ll find, .

Open Ended Question: What’s one thing you would change to increase the chances we hit our goals (deliver on our big bets) next quarter?

Knowing that execution was likely going to be a low-scoring area, we added this open-ended question to preemptively gather ideas from Codans and keep an action-oriented mindset. Of the 100+ answers, there were some strong themes that showed up in many of the suggestions. Overall, Codans share more about how we work (versus what it is we are working on). Some of the prominent these are summarized below, with a sampling of direct quotes.
How we work
Practice the art of failing fast in order to reach maximum potential
“Reduce process where possible”
“I don't think braintrust always "adds lift.” It's hard when there's so many things going on at once that require a small group of braintrust to review before moving forward.
Better decision-making and accountability
“Pick the right set of decision-makers. Trust them to actually make decisions.”
“Establish a clear leader and a clear decision maker for all projects. If we're all decision makers then nobody is a decision maker.”
“I would love if we could surface the "best of the best" in decision-making methods and convert them into an actual Coda ritual to save time on reinventing the wheel, make cleaner decisions and ultimately, move faster.”
Prioritization and speed
“Work on fewer, bigger things that will have a bigger impact and that we can get to users faster.”
“Fewer strategists and big picture thinkers, more doers.”
“Ship sooner. We don't need things to be perfect at launch. Would rather that we launched a half baked version than wait to get it totally right.”
More clarity and communication, particularly across teams
“Better process for communication of customer feedback/feature requests between customer-facing and product teams.”
“We have an enormous opportunity in this year, let’s make sure we collaborate better as cross functional teams. “
Ask for feedback early and often.”

What’s next? What actions will we take?

Thank you again for taking the time to share your feedback!
To catch everyone up on what’s taken place to date —
Our leadership team had their quarterly meeting last week and digested the very same coda-all results as a group. The biggest takeaways from that group reflection were:
takeaway 1
takeaway 2
takeaway 3
Everyone is a maker of our culture and engagement. Now is our collective time to reflect and be a part of action planning. This week you’ll be receiving your org-level results and will have an opportunity to share your thoughts, feelings, and have meaningful discussion. Depending on how your team best operates, the share-out and discussion may take different shape.
The People team will share our high-level takeaways on Friday to set the scene for planning. Our survey results have been intentionally timed to land at the start of OKR planning in order to embed feedback and be aware of areas of high impact that you can take into planning efforts.
We look forward to action-planning alongside you and are eager to identify and incorporate key initiatives this quarter!

🐟 Dory: Add Questions, Comments, or Sentiments

For anonymous questions, please switch before submitting ↘ otherwise, submit via the Dory below!

Creating open dialogue with your team helps you better understand your team’s needs. Prompt your team to add discussion topics to the Dory—named for the question-asking fish—then discuss either live or async to make everyone’s voice heard. You can sort by most upvoted and even hide the author if you prefer to keep voting less biased.
Clear sample data

Dory: Topics for discussion

Add a topic

Can we open the thumb wrestling tournament with magic?
How do we incentivize people to come to a virtual event?
this is a test submission to through the anonymous form on the company-wide results page
Raechel Timme
Raechel Timme
Do we have budget for swag?
There are no rows in this table

Team reflections

Team results are shared in a similar format to the company-wide results. Then, teams have the chance to reflect in a way that works for them and decide on the commitments that will feel most meaningful and impactful.
I’ve also included a few other templates for how teams have facilitated those smaller group discussions:

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