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Short Variant

Telegram: TBD

Detailed Variant

Your task is to create illustration in the style of Ethernet Peeps based on the event or personality of Russian War in Ukraine.
For example:
Resolution: 1024x1024 px (square)
Background/Layers: it’s better to separate Background (we may unify it because of Meta Data)
Quantity: x1 idea per artist
(if more, will be chosen by voting)
Please, keep in mind current Art Style of the project. We want to keep everything consistent!

Step 1 - Choose an Idea

examine Miro board for additional sources / examples and reference:
Choose idea based on what’s on the board already or on your own.

Step 2 - Discord Confirmation

You will need to confirm your participation by joining Ethernet Peeps Discord channel:
verify yourself into a server.
Please, say hello in #✊art-flashmob channel and mention Idea you plan to work on.
We may accept numerous illustrations based on same idea (hundred of Zelenkskiy characters) BUT it makes more sense to add only unique images to collection.
*this point is subject of additional discussion depending on how many participations we’ll have
It is also possible to use our telegramm channel:

Step 3 - Image and Meta Data

Upload here:
Final image as *.png
Provide info:
(if you want to list it)
Illustration Name
Artist’s Name
Contact (Email / Instagram / Twitter etc)
All of that info may be used in NFT’s Meta Data and page.

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Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
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