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Our Mission

“Making the power of custom apps and business intelligence accessible to everyone!”

Why Us?

We’ve created a unique method to fully utilize all the potentials of your Coda doc.
Your company probably doesn’t work on Coda entirely. Your Coda doc is not on it’s own, but is part of a variety of applications. Whether this is your existing ERP system, Outlook, Google workspace, or (yet to be created) other low-code applications. Did you know that your Coda doc can even be transformed into a powerful Business Intelligence tool, giving you vital insights in your performance?
“Fully utilize all the potentials of your Coda doc”

Our Method

Understand & Design your workflow
Besides Coda Experts we are experienced process improvement consultants trained in Lean Six Sigma. We can therefore better understand and design the optimal workflow for your application.
Build & Optimize your doc
We can create virtually anything in Coda. Our expertise is creating a UX so your Coda doc will look and feel like a conventional application. Even our own entire administration is build on Coda. That says enough.
Integrate your doc & BI
Coda becomes extremely powerful when integrating it with other applications. We can link your doc to any other system using API’s and webhooks. Powerfull BI tools and even AI can be fueled by your Coda doc.

From our customers

“Green Digit is very good at quickly understanding complex matters and coming up with useful solutions that are understandable to everyone”
"Green Digit has a good process-based approach and can switch quickly. It is also nice that they think carefully about what the best solution is for us."
"Green Digit has a lot of knowledge of the latest innovations in the field of data and digitalization. They also respond very quickly and deliver quickly."

Example Docs

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