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Agile Project Management Show Case

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This show case is based on an actual application that Green Digit is using itself to plan and manage their work.

What is Agile?

Agile is a flexible, collaborative project management approach.
It emphasizes on incremental progress, constant feedback, and adaptability.
That way fostering teamwork, quick responses to changes, and customer satisfaction.

How does it work?

Customer requests are being described in so called Epics.
Epics are worked out in User Stories.
User Stories are collected on a backlog.
During sprints of 1 - 4 weeks these User Stories are being developed.
Once the Epic is completed, it can be shipped to the customer.


Fun Fact!

At we also work Agile. That way we can ship docs super fast. Maximizing customer satisfaction!

About this doc

In the Epic Page you can add and manage Epics. These are the starting point for all your work.
In the Story Board you can add and manage User Stories. This is your main view to organize your daily and weekly work. This is where the collaboration happens and work gets to be done.
The Dashboard Page gives you valuable insights in how effective you are working. In the end, the Burndown chart needs to follow the planned line as good as possible. And in the velocity chart you can see how good you are able to get the planned work done. But also how much value you are shipping every sprint.

To get the most out of this show doc, try to do the following steps:

Create an Epic
Create User Stories for this Epic
Try to schedule and re-schedule our User Stories in the backlog and Story Board
Have a look at the dashboard

disclaimer: the original doc has several automations to update the dashboard views. These are disabled in this show doc.


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