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Explore the various retrospective strategies through the drop down menu. Once you determined the one that best aligns to your needs, confirm the selection.

Well Less Next Puzzle

This agile retrospective technique asks 4 basic questions that gets the team thinking about the outcomes of the last sprint, and what actions they should focus on next. This exercise is short, sharp and documented meaning you can quickly make changes before it’s too late.

Confirm Retrospective Scheme

Retrospective Category Snapshot
🤩 What went well
Focus on what are you most proud of both from a technical or teamwork aspect.
😒 What went less well
Identify areas for improvement, gaps in processes or misalignment.
💡 What do we want to try next
Look towards the future, what exciting challenges do you want to solve?
🤔 What puzzles us
Identifies potential challenges, hurdles or barriers that should be addressed in a timely manner.
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