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Landing your Dream Job (Part 1)

Defining your goals and priorities
Whether it’s new year new me vibes, or you’ve been recently impacted by layoffs, you are ready to start your job search.
But wait! Before you start blasting out your resume into the ether, it’s important to look beyond the horizon and take a moment to reflect about what your top deciding factors are when exploring new opportunities. Remember, just as much as companies are interviewing you and evaluating what you bring to the table, you should be interviewing them and determining whether or not the opportunity is a right match for you.
So ask yourself...

What does your next ideal role look like?

Is it the corner office, or having a strong and supportive leadership team?
Getting a stronger sense of what you want will not only allow you to use your time wisely by being selective about your search, but ultimately will help make you make a better informed decision about the next step in your career journey.
To help you on this journey check out these 3 resources:

Ready to get started?

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Part I: Defining your Dream Job
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Part II: Preparing for the Interview
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Part III: Job Hunt Tracker
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