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Personal and Portfolio Website Template to Display your Abilities

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A personal website is your ultimate method of self-expression in the digital world. There are other ways to express your accomplishments and passions. The most popular one is LinkedIn, but it is so... homogenous and professional.
It is very difficult to inject any sort of personality in your LinkedIn profile. Now, sites like Instagram might allow more creative freedom, but it still cannot replace a personal website.
As for the personal websites, it takes a lot of time and effort to design one yourself. Sometimes, you want something that is quick but still looks good! That way, you can focus on creating the content for the website and not worry about the design. As a result, I have created a portfolio and personal website template for anyone to use.

How to get started

Copy this doc
Fill in your information in , which will populate information in
Update your social media information at the bottom of
Delete and add your own projects, which are meant to be personal projects
Delete and add your own
Delete and add your own , which are meant to be professional jobs
Make it your own! And have fun with it :)

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