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Impact Oriented
Welcoming all perspectives, even if they might challenge each other; as this will enable more innovation.


The aim is to encourage more people to get into philanthropy and impact investing, by documenting both best practice and things which could go better, to inspire and normalize failure respectively.


The focus on current and recent projects that are pushing the boat out - rather than talking about things that should or shouldn't be, it'll discuss things that people are doing (or have recently done) to try to solve the challenges which we are facing.

Breakdown of Article Structure

There is quite a lot of freedom to occur within the below structure. The main thing is to describe what is working and what is not, so readers can learn from the articles - and then create more impact.
The more tangible and replicable the projects can be the better. Suggesting additional resources, recorded interviews, or more in-depth references are encouraged.

Whats the project?

Discussion around the purpose of the project, providing context and examples where relevant.

What worked / What's working?

Discuss the things which have brought about the largest amount of change or impact in the work being done.

What didn't / What isn't?

Describe the things which failed, and suggest some ideas for why they might’ve. Try to make it so others can avoid these same mistakes when doing something similar.

What related questions would you ask?

Questions which would help someone getting involved with something similar to avoid the pitfalls which have been experienced by the author, or seen by them. Aiming to give people a set of tangible things which they can do if they are curious about moving forward with something similar.

Diversity & Inclusion

Ideally looking for geographic, cultural, and neuro diversity, so if anyone has been involved with or knows of a project in any of the places not mentioned, that has typically marginalized cultures involved, or is led by neurodivergent teams.

Release Schedule

Initial thought is to release 3 times a year. Potential to adjust to quarterly to increase time to launch the first edition; meaning we’d launch on the 31st of Sept instead.
Plan A every third, plan B, every quarter
Plan A Date
Plan B Date
Edition 1
Edition 2
Edition 3
Edition 4
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The Team

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