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Fello Design Challenge

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Product solutioning

User details available (hypothetically):
Their name (other profile-related data - city, photo, etc.)
Their total investments and type of assets invested in, till date - for the selected time interval
Things that the backend provides:
Average investments per day on the platform
Average returns per asset per time frequency
Other Observations and assumptions -
Mutual funds is most engaged asset class hence its used for the primary landing page for new users. Find the article
But assuming that stocks is a more frequently used asset as it requires daily or regular attention. Post studying the user behaviour of new users, default landing page can be picked out of all the assets - MF, Stocks or gold.
Most users save up their money in savings account and invest lumpsum later since they do not comprehend the benefits of tranche investing ( SIPs ) ~ survey from friends
While SIPs are clearly better form of investments with lesser risk and higher returns, there is not enough awareness in consumers of the same. we need to focus on educating the user about the value prop of the SIPs.

We need to create a SIP flow and nudge users at different points in their journey to do SIP based on their behaviour on App
Assuming the existing primary navigation as the asset type (Mutual Funds, Stocks and Gold), SIP will be a part of Mutual Fund bucket. This page will be the default landing page with a big banner introducing SIP. This banner will be visible to all users. Another information & Entry point can be only for those users who do lumpsum and adhoc investments. Post their investment, we will tell them, that if they had started an SIP with some amount few months back, they would have gained more by now. So Suggest them to do SIP next time onwards or even start one now itself.
A permanent flow for sip will be through mutual funds. When user clicks on a type of Mutual fund, they’ll be able to invest in SIP or can invest in lumpsum

Designed Information Architecture of the Platform -
Screenshot 2023-03-07 at 4.20.25 PM.png


Entry point - SIP banner introducing its benefits on landing page.
SIP User flow -
If user opens a mutual funds through the SIP banner or any other SIP widget, show them only ‘START SIP’ cta for the first time. this makes it mandatory for them to invest in SIP. from 2nd session onwards, TRY ONCE cta should be placed as we do not want user to feel forced much.
If users open any random mutual fund from regular mutual funds listed, the’ll se both option of - ‘TRY ONCE’ AND ‘START SIP’, with sip cta being default selected.
Nudge lumpsum user - After user comes and does a adhoc investment, post the order confirmation, we can tell them about investing the same amount in SIP would have benefitted them how. Here user will feel motivated to invest in sip and so we can give them the CTAs of - START SIP NOW & REMIND LATE.

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