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Fello Design Challenge

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Imagine that you are working on a finance investment application. It offers the option to invest in various interesting assets like stocks, mutual funds, and gold. Now as you monitor user activity, you observe that adhoc or lumpsum investments have increased. To capitalise on this, you come up with a new feature of building an SIP, which would deduct an amount from the user’s bank account every month and invest it on their behalf.
Design an investment flow and interface that smartly suggests an easy SIP option to users who make frequent investments.
Take all the necessary assumptions that may be required. Do not forget to document them, in addition to the rest of the thought process so that we can understand what led you to make the design choices.
User details available to you (hypothetically):
Their name (other profile-related data - city, photo, etc.)
Their total investments and type of assets invested in, till date - for the selected time interval
Things that the backend/product team provides:
Average investments per day on the platform
Average returns per asset per time frequency
[any other field that you think is useful]
Design Scope:
An interface to display the user’s current investments, and history of transactions.
A flow to make an investment in any specific asset: Select asset, enter amount, complete payment.
Option to make the investments recurring(SIP): set monthly amount, enter bank information, agree to automatic bank debits.
What we expect from your side:
A clean, self-explanatory, and aesthetically pleasing UI Design that is relevant to the functionality expected.
On point typography.
Graphs (data viz artifacts) & illustrations, wherever you think they are necessary.
Attention to detail and smart placement of call to actions.
Submit a detailed doc with every screen that you have made, alongside your thoughts/notes /explanations.
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