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Delivery Service

Guide to Managing Delivery Orders with Lightspeed Ecom (E-Series)

Lightspeed Ecom (E-Series) is a platform that helps businesses effectively manage delivery orders placed by customers on their online webpage. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth and efficient process:
Online Order Placement: Customers place delivery orders on your online webpage at [](
Download Lightspeed Ecom (E-Series): Dispatchers must download the Lightspeed Ecom (E-Series) app.
Log in: Dispatchers log in to the app using their email and password.

Access Received Orders: Dispatchers navigate to the “Received Orders” section in the app.

Review Order Details: In the “Received Orders” section, dispatchers see the delivery address, product list, and customer information.

Forward Information to Delivery Driver: Dispatchers share the delivery address and order details with the delivery driver.

Confirm Order’s been dispatched: Dispatcher selects orders out for delivery
Customer receives notification that order is on the way

Step 1: Select Fulfillment Status

Step 2: Select Out for Delivery


Confirm Payment: Delivery drivers inform dispatchers once payment is received.
Dispatcher Selects Paid in Payment status in app or on website
Complete the Transaction: Dispatchers process the sale on the app or website to finalize the transaction.
Dispatcher Selects Delivered in Fulfillment Status

Step 1: Select Payment Status
Step 2: Select Paid

Step 3: Select Fulfillment Status
Step 4: Select Delivered

Receipt will be sent to Customer: Customers receive a purchase receipt via email.
By following these steps, you can efficiently manage delivery orders using Lightspeed Ecom (E-Series). This platform simplifies the process and ensures a seamless experience for both dispatchers and customers.

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