Resourceful Logo Concept Proposal

Community Movement.
The logo being representative of a larger ecosystem.
The logo being more attached to a communal value system than to a word.

A cross platform, cross technology ecosystem.
The logo potentially also needs to represent the Token as well as the Company.
Two logos has the potential to dilute brand identity.

Digital Technology Platform.
Technology platforms have their own unique logo requirements.
Square app loader icons.
Tiny notification logo icons.
Browser Tab logo icons.

Modern Technology Platform Logo Trends.
Instant Recognisability is obviously the first thing you want.
Animatability. Modern logo’s that are expressed online have the opportunity to stand out and become alive. Discord is a good example of this.
A logo as a platform. For example the apple logo(shape) in it’s simplicity has been used as a platform for designers to create a multitude of different apple logo’s that are all recognised as the same logo entity. The important factor is that the overall shape becomes iconic, and that designers can deviate the shape and it’s still recognised as the primary logo entity.

Why it doesn’t use an “R” for Resourceful.
Digital Real Estate is yet to be fully acquired.
In the long term, digital real estate is important to establish a strong sense of brand and authority. Startups often change their names simple because they cannot obtain the necessary digital assets to claim their ownership over a name.
Startup names can change in the future, however unlikely it feels right at this moment.
Not including the R gives the brand space to change it’s name in the future. For example “Instagram” and it’s logo. Maybe the founders were not sure on the word “Instagram” but the logo they developed would survive a renaming because it did not include any words or letters associated with the name.

Why it doesn’t use the infinity.
The infinity symbol is a very common design trend and is arguable over-used.
There was some criticism of having the infinity within a circle because it looks like a face, and in particular a face wearing a mask over the eyes.

Values represented within the logo.
Zero Point.

Design Spectrums:
With the logo as a platform, certain aspects of its design can be changed without changing the recognisability of the underlying logo entity.
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