Concept 1 - Zero Point Expanding Vibe

Underlying Symbolisms:
Zero Point (Singularity and source of all creation).
The Vibe (Energetic Resonance and Vibration).
Expansion (Abundance).
Creation (The Big Bang and The Universe).


This is the basic concept that came through to me.

The centrepoint in the middle represents “zero point”. It’s a point at which everything stems from.
The outside boundaries represent the expanding universe.
The outside boundary has two intersecting/overlapping lines to represent vibration and energy. “The Vibe”.
The overall expression of symbolism represents “The Big Bang” and the creation of an ever expanding universe. Here the undertone is creation from zero point (from nothing) and infinite expansion.
The outside lines can be animated to indicate different kinds of vibration, and also peaceful and slow morphing movements.
The entire logo can be animated to indicate explosion and expansion.
The centrepoint can be animated to contract into a point from another shape, for example, the letter “R” to represent Resourceful and Resource.

Logo as a platform:
The empty space in the middle is a canvas for creative alterations without changing the recognisability of the boundary lines on the outside.
Different styles could be made without destroying the core logo entity.
Different colours could be used for the lines without destroying the shape.
The centrepoint can be used as a vanishing point for various creative fills.

Fitting the design standards:
This shape can be recognisable even when shrunk down to a small “notification logo icon”.
Being circular in nature it works for app loading logos.

Potential Concept Deviations:
Zeropoint transforms into a spiral to represent a galaxy within the universe.
Zeropoint becomes the earth.
The Zeropoint represents the earth and the outside lines become an “outter rim” similar to the sci-fi/futurism concepts of the halo-worlds that are built on a rotating halo/disk. Representing “Utopia”.
Zeropoint becomes an atomic structure.

Animation concepts:



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