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Product Research & Design Work Flow Toolkit

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About this template

What is product research & design work flow toolkit?

A good product starts with well-understanding of your users and market needs. It requires clear research goals, creative product design process and rapid prototyping and testing. Often the time, the failures of launching successful products can be traced back to the initial phase of lacking organized and structured design process guidelines and well-defined goals. The product team sometimes spend too much time and on trivial details or struggling with the research and design strategy, eventually lost the focus on achieving the key objectives of the product.
How will this template help with your work day?
This template provides toolkits that covers the complete product design workflow from discovery, design, prototype, implement and testing, and is designed to help product manager and team to stay sharp focus and minimize the risk during the product development process.
How does this template work?
It provides in total 8 sections for the product team to manage their product design and development process:
User research survey
User Interview
Persona Generator
User Journey
Design Spec & Success Metrics
Testing & Evaluation
✨ You can use this template as guideline for your whole design process or grab and take any section into your own doc.

🚀 All the best to your team and your product!

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