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This Rookie Milestone will help you set your expectations for the Journey you’ll go through as a rookie. Trainings, meetings and materials are available for you.

Change logs:

Resources Update (2023-08-24)
➕ Added link for Traditional Plan Mock Exam
🔼 Updated Sales Kit (May 2023)
Resources Update (2023-07-17)
➕ Add : Art of Listening
Resources Update (2023-05-15)
➕ Add : Prescribed Flow of Presentation
✅ Fixed : Rookie Starter Kit, Hyperlink added
✅ Fixed : Sales Kit, Hyperlink added
➕ Add : Activity Standards for Full-Timers and Part-timers, Hyperlink added
✅ Fixed : Your First Year as Financial Advisor Audio Book, hyperlink added to fix issues on not playing the audio

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