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Rookie: Getting Started

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Trainings and Activities

Month 0 Trainings and Activities

Career Previews/BYB

ROP 1 (Part 1 and Part 2)


AGAPE (Annual Goals and Action Plans toward Excellence)

Fill-out your own AGAPE in preparation for 1 on 1 with UM and Recruiter.
Excel File here:

Prospect 150

Learn more about prospecting and fill-out your Prospect 150 here:

Insurance Commission Exam

Click here for

1 on 1 with Unit Manager

Must have accomplished

Book your 1 on 1 with UM Ace


Learn more about the presentations in
After the Revalida, Facilitator will fill-out the

Rookie Champ

1on1 with UM Ace [Autosaved]_Page44.jpg

Joint Field Work (JFW) / Joint Online Work Assistance (JOWA)

Note: shall filled-out by AUM/UM

Book your JFW with UM Ace

First 30 Days

Primary 1 & 2

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Other Trainings

Required Trainings to Qualify for National Achievers’ Club
ROP 2 (Part 1 and Part 2)
Product Recharge (PR)
Fundamentals of Unit Linked (FUL)

Wednesday Night Huddles


Your First Year as Financial Advisor Audio Book


Suggested Youtube Channels for self-initiated learning

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