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Contributing Writer (Paid-Contract)

Relay Impact is seeking contributing writers who are organized, self-motivated, and hungry to make an impact on the world.


This position is open to candidates in the Asia Pacific region only and offers flexible working hours with virtual meetings to meet content goals. Applications without a cover letter and writing sample won't be considered.


Opportunity to build your portfolio and publish with your name (no ghostwriting)
Detailed article briefs provided with research links, well-defined goals, and an outline for what is expected within the article. For experienced writers, the work can be described as a light-lift making sure that the article is cohesive and meets content outcomes. It does not require heavy research hours but the output should meet our brand voice and editorial guidelines.
SEO and backlinks are handled by our team - primary and secondary keywords are provided in the content brief
Data charts, graphic design, and featured image selection are managed by us
Editorial guidelines, brand style guide, and structured onboarding provided
Consistent, stable, more long-term workload with a 1,000-word article per week once added to regular contributor database after a 90-day trial period.
Flexible deadlines, with expected due dates provided.
Be part of a global digital-first team with access to our workflow tools to support your creativity and efficiency


The candidate must be proficient in English with a good vocabulary (reading, speaking, and writing). Fluency in Chinese (Traditional) and other Asian languages is a plus.
Passion for supporting responsible growth in the Asia Pacific region and interest in corporate sustainability, social impact, impact investing, sustainable finance, and climate action
Ability to balance humor with a professional tone of voice geared towards our readership comprising of global investors, asset managers, senior executives, impact entrepreneurs, and sustainability professionals with over a decade of experience in their field
Ability to follow detailed article briefs provided by incorporating relevant keywords, managing the flow of article per intended goals, following editorial guidelines, and keeping writing consistent with our brand voice (see below)
Strong organizational skills and ability to write research-backed articles, present big picture ideas, provide commentary in the context of regional events/policies, and provide foresight for executives and investors in your writing
Ability to work with a remote team and other writers on broader research-oriented content and skilled in managing a fully digital workflow
Must be willing to support the development of an early-stage startup including supporting brand positioning, social media shares, and contributing to list building for future stories/interviews with experts, including thought leaders, leading sustainable brands, and impact entrepreneurs
Prior experience in startups, creative content creation, data visualization, online media, journalism, sustainability, finance, and/or in writing long-form content (a minimum of 1,000 words) is a plus
Knowledge of the Asia Pacific region, including stakeholders relevant to our readership base, investment challenges, policies, regulations, and/or markets, preferably for multiple geographies is highly desired: Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand

About Our Brand Voice

We are a subscription-based independent publication, with ad-free content which implies complete editorial integrity and no paid/sponsored posts. We believe climate change is the greatest challenge of our time however that doesn't mean we need to be gloomy or serious. Our brand voice is passionate, professional, quirky, authentic, informative, and thoughtful. We need writers who can communicate with humor and authenticity while staying professional. Although impact-focused, we are not a PR agency, non-profit or regular business news media outlet. Given the experience and potential of our audience to truly make an impact on the growth of the Asia Pacific region, we are not looking for simple listicles, daily news reporting, "how to X" or "what is Y" articles - we want to be bold in our writing but not opinionated unless backed by facts.


Indicate your interest by emailing editor@relayimpact.com. Please attach a CV, a relevant writing sample, and a cover letter including your response to the prompts provided below. Don’t forget to mention your desired pay expectations and general work availability in your cover letter.
If shortlisted, you will be invited for a video interview to determine fit with our culture, mission, and workflow. Selected writers will need to sign an NDA and will be offered a 90-day paid trial starting Jan 2022.
After the trial period, select contributors will be added to our database providing you access to our digital workflow tools and the ability to contribute per detailed article briefs updated weekly in our editorial calendar.

Cover letter Prompts

Do you have experience creating content for senior executives, investors, industry experts, or professionals with over 10 years of experience in their field?
How would you incorporate feedback and edits into your work?
Are you available to contribute long-term, at least a year?
How you would incorporate our brand voice in your writing.


All written content will be attributed to the writer's profile with editorial and image credits provided by Relay Impact Team as appropriate. Writers are expected to be open to working individually or in a team to meet content needs.
Article briefs are provided per our content calendar to ensure stories covered cater to our target audience, we are not accepting pitches for new topics/articles at this time.
The role offers a fixed, paid monthly contract after a 90-day paid trial. One article per month is expected during the trial period followed by up to 4 articles a month after the trial period ends. Pay is fair and aligned with the candidate’s skills, expertise, and background.
Writers agree that content once submitted will be owned by Relay Impact and the writers will lose editing and distribution rights to other websites or for personal use - i.e. no repurposing of content on other channels would be allowed.

Support independent publishing, follow our updates on latest openings.


Relay Impact is an independent, subscription-based publication and a purpose-driven startup, with a mission to accelerate responsible growth across the Asia Pacific (APAC) region.

Why Relay Impact

Well, simply because it is timely and necessary. In the shared global crisis of climate change, we need action and investments that are bold and responsible. Our shared future depends on how well we allocate the trillions of dollars needed to support net-zero transition and social value creation. The Asia Pacific region comprises the world’s largest emerging and advanced markets however, the region faces climate risks that could lead up to $7.5 trillion in GDP loss if left unmitigated. Scaling responsible investments that give priority to decarbonization and integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles are key to the region’s growth and development. This means accepting the sustainable development challenge and moving forward with strategic shifts that minimize climate risks for all stakeholders.

What We Do

Relay Impact is here to help navigate these broader market shifts, support low-carbon transition, and track regulatory changes and policies that impact investments and value creation. Subscribers gain access to Asia Pacific's most actionable stories, future-proofing insights, and best practices on sustainable finance, asset management, ESG, impact investing, climate risk, energy transition, circular economy, policy, culture, and markets.
Our goal is to serve our subscribers ad-free, thoughtful, and timeless content to keep the focus on growing their impact, with readers comprising of global investors, asset managers, senior executives, impact entrepreneurs, and sustainability professionals interested in exploring untapped opportunities and scaling sustainable investments across the region’s key emerging and advanced markets.
Launching March 2022, Relay Impact shall maintain a public-facing roadmap with transparent finances and climate contribution.
As a forward thinking initiative, we contribute 1% of our revenue towards carbon removal.

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