Requirement 5 Integra Technologies

Hermitcrabs Team Final Figma link:

We have another design request. Here is the design brief:

Integra Technologies - Pageset 2 Design Brief

Please design one interior page for Integra Technologies (Capabilities > Die Prep), using the provided wireframe and creating it to be consistent with the finalised homepage design and UI kit. Please be sure to follow the UI kit and styles that were created for the homepage. Do not spend much time on imagery, as the client will need to supply industry specific photos.

Wireframe and Assets

Capabilities > Die Prep Figma wireframe
Finalised Homepage Design
UI Kit
Imagery for Die Prep page
Existing website
New sitemap
Design Reference Guide
Integra Tech logo files

Design and Functionality

Please include cards to the side to explain animation/functionality.
Use the 12 column grid (this is how our developers create all our projects)
Limit the use of frames vs groups (frames don't export out properly all the time)
Break the plane - Please don't just use straight lines across every section, we need to add movement and variety to each module
Add design elements to the page to make it stand out against prepackaged themes


Deliverable: One interior page
Deadline: Monday 7/12
Time budget: 2 hours

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