Requirement 3: Platform28

Hermitcrabs Team Final Figma link:

Client Brief

Hi Niranjan,

Here's another design project that we will need your help with. Feel free to reach out with any questions you might have with this scope.

Introduction and Context
The goal of this task is to produce a new set of web page mockups (5), designed in Figma.
The timeline for this task is up to 5 working days and a total estimated budget of 10 hours.

Wireframe and assets

All these are interior pages and the overall design should be absolutely aligned with the already approved other pages and designs.

Assets for reference:
You can reference other approved interior pages on the same Figma file.

Context and Functionality
Use a 12 column grid (this will streamline the development process afterwards)
Limit the use of frames vs groups (frames don't export out properly all the time)
Break the plane - please, don't just use straight lines across every section. We need to add movement and variety to each module.
Add any other suitable design elements to the page to make it stand out against prepackaged themes.
For imagery, feel free to use relevant and contextualized stock photos as placeholders

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