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Curate recipes according to dietary needs, plan your meals, and organize your shopping list

What is this?

Caregivers and cooks often have many roles throughout the day, and when it comes to accommodating different diets, preferences, and ingredients on hand, there are times when planning meals can feel overwhelming.
This doc is designed to assist with the meal planning process even in those moments when you are unable to think.
Quickly and easily:
search and filter recipes for specific ingredients or dietary restrictions
create unique tags to remember which recipes your family really likes, what you like to make for holidays, teacher gifts, etc
bookmark recipes in a meal plan area
build your shopping list
create a log of recipes shared from the internet to add to your Recipe Book later

How to get started:

Use the Navigation Menu on the top (desktop) or bottom (mobile) to explore the different pages. For additional assistance, reference the guide on the subpage.
When you’re ready to try it for yourself, click the Copy doc button at the top right to make a copy for yourself, and sign up for a free Coda account if you don’t already have one.

This Doc is awesome, but it isn’t perfect! Here are some of the limitations:
Mobile Devices - If you are using a mobile phone or tablet to use this Doc, you’ll notice the Recipes show up a little differently.
Pantry: In order to view the full Pantry table with the checklist, click the blue table icon just below the heading Alpha by Ingredient or Sorted by Pantry Category.”
Recipe View: When you pull up a Recipe page, you will see the list of Recipe titles down the left side of the page, and on the right a few letters in an ellipse. Click on the ellipse to pull up the full view of the Recipe.
Ingredients: To get a full view of the Ingredients, the quantity, and any notes, click on the blue table icon just below Ingredients within the Recipe.
Ingredients - “Recipe Part” - When adding a new Recipe that has Ingredients that go in different categories, such as “Crust” and “Filling” if you are making a pie, you’ll notice a large column on the left that shows up as Recipe Part when you click on it. Many recipes don’t require anything here, but for those that do:
Right click on Recipe Part at the top of the column
Select “Group” from the dropdown menu, and then “Ungroup Column” from the new dropdown menu.
Now you can enter the Recipe Part/Category for each of the Ingredients. When you have entered all ingredients, go back to the Recipe Partcolumn, right click, select “Group,” and select “Group along left” and the Ingredients will be grouped accordingly.
Pantry “Got it” within Recipes - At this time it is not possible to check off an ingredient as Got it or not from within the recipe. This can only be done from the Pantry page.
Search and Filter functions - These are limited to one item in each field at this time. So you cannot filter out both “nuts” and “strawberries” or search for recipes with both “apples” and “almonds.” You CAN however search for recipes with “apples” but without “nuts” (ie, one in each field).

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