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Mother's Little Helper Recipe "Book"

Add New Recipes

From the bottom of the main Recipe Book page OR the Add A Recipe page you can add new Recipes. Click the Add New Recipe button and fill out the fields as appropriate. Pay particular attention to the fields “Recipe Type,” and “Tags,” as these enable you to quickly search for specific types of recipes or note a recipe that is a “Dessert” in “Recipe Type” also as a “Pastry,” etc. Add your own Tags by typing the the new category into the field and hitting enter twice - it should appear in the field with an ellipse around it.

Curate Recipes: search for & filter out

Meal Plan

Pantry List

From the Pantry page, easily note which Ingredients you have by checking them on the “Got it” list. The Pantry list can be viewed either in alphabetical order or arranged by category, whichever is easier.
If you are starting with an empty Pantry or setting your doc up for the first time, you can easily clear all check marks in the list by clicking the “Clear Pantry” button at the top of the Pantry page.
Ingredient Characteristics: You’ll notice the Pantry list includes a column called “Characteristics.” This is so that characteristics of certain Ingredients can be noted in the event you are cooking for someone with allergies, intolerances, preferences, or other dietary needs or restrictions and need to filter recipes accordingly. Some are noted already, but it is by no means a complete list - feel free to add your own by clicking in the space, typing the word, and hitting “enter.” The characteristics listed for each Ingredient will follow each Ingredient into the Recipes (although you won’t see them listed in the recipe itself), so you are able to filter the Recipes themselves based on the Ingredient Characteristics you want to avoid.
Important: In order for the curating function above to work properly the Pantry list needs to be reviewed and updated periodically as new Ingredients are listed or new characteristics need to be logged.
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Printing / Exporting to PDF

To print a Recipe for your own use or to export to a PDF file so you can share it, hover your mouse over the title of the document in the top left corner and click on the three horizontal dots that appear. Scroll to the bottom of the drop-down list and click “Print & PDF” and then “Export to PDF.” Choose this option even if you want to print, the formatting is better.
You will be asked to save the PDF to your device, and at that point you can print from your device as you would normally or share the file.

Recipe Storage

This section simply gives you a place to store Recipes you like that you find online until you have time to add them to your Recipe Book. There are three options for saving Recipes to this Doc, choose which works best for you:
Coda Chrome Extension
Share via Gmail (if you have the Gmail Pack enabled)
Copy & Paste Recipe Bookmark table

Coda Chrome Extension - save recipes from your computer

Install the Coda Extension for your Google Chrome browser and pin it.
When you find a recipe on the internet that you like and want to save to add to your Recipe Book later, click on the extension and follow the steps below:
Bookmark Title - Recipe title
Select Document - Mother’s Little Helper Recipe “Book”
Select Table - Google Chrome Bookmarked Recipes
Select Column for URL - URL
Select Column for Bookmark Title - Recipe Title
Then click “Bookmark” and the recipe will be added to the Google Chrome Bookmarked Recipes” table in the Recipe Storage page.

Sharing via Gmail (with Gmail Pack enabled)

If you are not using Google Chrome on your computer or if you find a recipe while browsing the internet or social media on your mobile device, you can share recipes to the From Gmail table on the Recipe Storage page. If you have connected this Doc with a Gmail account:
from the recipe online choose “Share
select “Gmail
enter your email address in the “to” line
enter the word “Recipe” in the subject line (along with anything else you wish to include)
hit “send
The recipe will be sent to your email account and will then automatically populate in the “From Gmail” table.

Copy & Paste Recipe Bookmark Table

This is the low-tech, old-school option. Sometimes it is just easier to copy and paste a link. Simple as that.

Shopping List

From both the Pantry page and the individual Recipes you can add Ingredients to your Shopping List page by clicking the Add to Shopping List button for each item. From your computer you can also hover over an ingredient in the ingredient list and then click the “Add to Shopping List” button in the box that pops up.
Once you have purchased the Ingredients in your Shopping List you can easily clear the list by clicking the “Clear Shopping List” button at the top of the page.


Bring your Recipes with you!
Copy the doc, rename it for the new location
Go to Pantry page, click “Clear Pantry” button
Log Ingredients in the new location in your Pantry table
Each Recipe clearly notes the equipment needed to make it easier to determine what you can make in an unfamiliar kitchen

Want to print your doc?
This is not the way.
Try clicking the ⋯ next to your doc name or using a keyboard shortcut (
) instead.