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! I made this template for anyone looking to make packing simpler and stress-free. Hope you find this helpful.
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, and follow the 3 steps below to prepare for your next trip. (Feel free to delete this page once you’ve got the hang of this template!)

Why this all-in-one packing list?

Save your typical packing list digitally
Reset your checklist easily
Track your progress automatically
To Start: Customize your with the items you need. (Note: This is the master table that connects to all other tables and formulas in this doc.) You can delete rows manually or clear all the rows with this button:
Clear packing list
Add quantities to any items, depending on the duration of your trip. e.g. 5 days → 5 outfits
Add notes or mini checklists within the ‘Notes’ column.
Customize the item Categories in
For fun, add the name and a photo of your !

While Packing: Take inventory of each item in your , indicating whether you need to Pack or Buy an item. You can also toggle items off using the ‘No Need’ column.
As you start checking things off, the , including , will quickly give you an idea of how your travel prep is going. This data is connected to the .

To Restart: When you’re ready to prepare for a new trip, simply click either or both of the buttons atop the and go back to step 1. Alternatively, you can make a copy of this template.
Reset Quantity
: This button will clear the numbers in the “#” column, bringing them to 0.
Uncheck All
: This button will clear all checkboxes in the ‘Packed’ column.

😊 Happy Packing & Safe Travels! 🧳

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