Cell to Crash

Steps to reproduce:
Click into the Response cell.
See how the line breaks changed when you enter and exit the edit mode.
Click on the “https://www.behance.net/Inam_yaseen” line when in the edit mode.
Try to move the caret using the arrow keys, End and Home. See that not all of them are working.
Select this entire line using keyboard or mouse with the Shift key.
Press Delete.
Enjoy the doc crashing.
Real Name
Hi i have read through the Excel sheet all three parts from guidelines to per image brief. First lets address the questions you asked in the message. You probably have checked my gig thoroughly since all the requirements you mentioned matched with the my gig description. Deliverables: - Raster/vector editor files (PSD, AI). - Resulting JPEGs for use in Amazon listings. - We want full copyright. Timeline: - Turnaround: 5 calendar days. - Revisions: additional 2-4 days. - We want unlimited (reasonable) revisions. All of these requirements will be meet by me. I use paid stock images from Shutterstock and adobe stock. the only issue i have is the lifestyle images you require are too detailed. I know you mentioned that you can choose the lifestyle image and the main goal is to setup the scene that can re relatable to your target audience but i wanted to make clear that lifestyle images can not be too specific and it will all depend on the luck if we can get a stock image that will meet all the requirement. what i can promise is i can meet 50% of the requirement for the lifestyle images. i can find the settings and add relevant clothing on the hanger. The human part will be depending on luck. https://www.behance.net/Inam_yaseen my portfolio my quote will be 150$ for 8 images. For me this is the realistic quote because i am looking to add alot of hours to meet all the requirement. Thank you, Inam
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