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PD Challenge

Product Designer Challenge

Revamping the DCP: Enhancing User Activation and Data Completion

Rakamin Recruitment

Hello! Thank you for applying with us as a Product Designer 😄
This mini project should be completed within 7 days after you have received this document. If you are truly serious about working with us, please spare your time to complete this project with the best results. We are really pleased to answer your questions if there are unclear things. Communication is part of our assessment.
As a Product Designer, you were asked to provide solution by enhance existing feature for related PRD:
What you need to do
Analyze user pain point for existing feature and synthesize hypothesis for initial solution.
Provide design solution with UI/UX design/prototype. We prefer if you can include the interaction as well.
Describe your discovery process on how you come up with the solutions, in whatever medium you are comfortable (slides, notion, figma, etc), to get your point across.
Write design specifications (specs) based on your design (optional).
How to start
Create or login to your account.
Open on Figma. Further instructions will be given on this file.
Send email to cc-ing and if you want to set up a discussion with us.

What's next?
We will review the results of your project and schedule a sharing session to discuss what you have done. We take your job application very seriously​. If you don’t get accepted, We will let you know.
Once again, if you have any questions please contact us, so you can complete this mini project on time. Please do your best and see you in the sharing session.
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