Repeat the process and make product/market fit your most important metric.
We are diligent about surveying new users, and we make sure that we never survey the same user twice.
After our initial analysis, we made the product/market fit score our most important metric, tracked weekly, monthly, and quarterly. We refocused the product team, creating an
where the only was the product/market fit score. This ensured that we would continually increase product/market fit over time.
Product/Market Fit Over Time

In the summer of 2017, our product/market fit score — after segmentation — was 33%. After a quarter, it was 47%. Next quarter, it was 56%. And the quarter after that, 58%.
Within just three quarters, our product/market fit score had nearly doubled to 58%!
I hope you consider using the product/market fit engine at your company. If you do, please let me know — I'd love to help in any way that I can.
You can find me at and at 🙏

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