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Welcome to your food guide

This guide is for you if:

You have specific dietary restrictions (e.g., vegetarian, flexitarian, vegan, kosher)
You are in a food rut and having trouble getting inspired, both with cooking and finding new restaurants / spots to try out
You have trouble organizing your groceries and tailoring to specific recipes
You want to find a food community that fits your specific needs

What this guide is:

You can use this guide to (1) track your own food goals and progress, (2) find friends with similar dietary restrictions, (3) explore new restaurants and blogs specific to your needs*, (4) figure out your new favorite recipes, and (5) monitor your grocery list

Guide Contents

🥦 Nutrition goals

Here you will be able to track your own personal nutrition goals on a weekly basis in a simple, easy-to-customize layout. You can also challenge your friends to a fun competition to track each of your progress in meeting shared nutrition goals

💚 Dietary Restrictions

Find friends with similar dietary restrictions and reach out to them to plan meals, share recipes, and speak about your favorite shared foods

❓ What should you have for dinner quiz?

A fun quiz to help you decide: should you cook or order in tonight?

💵 NYC Tips

A list of curated guides from different publications and websites for the best restaurants in NYC pertaining to different diets (vegan, vegetarian, kosher) and an easy map to find restaurants near you!

🍴 Blogs and Recipes

Discover new blogs and recipes to fit whatever you are in the mood for with options for vegan, vegetarian, and kosher meals

📋 Grocery Checklist

An easy way of making sure you buy everything on your grocery list, with a progress tracker to show you the percentage completion as you navigate through the complex aisles

*Currently only NYC (Manhattan) restaurants listed
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