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Welcome to Project EquiTee!

a 2023 Data X Power Fellowship Project by Jessy Lancaster & Yamani "Mani" Vinson

What is Project EquiTee?

Project EquiTee is a robust legislative voting scorecard and state dashboard focusing on anti and pro-trans legislation. Tailored for the LGBTQIA+ community, allies, activists, organizers, policy analysts, journalists, and all those interested in understanding legislative landscapes affecting queer individuals and bodily autonomy, our platform offers comprehensive legislative insights. By analyzing the 2023 legislative sessions in Illinois and Ohio, we aim to provide invaluable perspectives from states situated at opposite ends of the trans-inclusive legislation spectrum within the Midwest.
Recognizing the potential complexities of data utilization, our goal is to simplify the process and make it accessible to everyone, from seasoned practitioners to newcomers. We envision this resource as a valuable asset within movement spaces, equipping individuals with political education and advocacy tools to address pressing issues.
For enhanced accessibility, the Project EquiTee legislative voting scorecard and state dashboard are readily available on . Users can seamlessly interact with the data, deepening their understanding of legislative processes, trends, and patterns. Additionally, our state dashboard offers details on each bill voted on during the 2023 legislative sessions, shedding light on both pro and anti-trans legislation. We also encourage replication, allowing users to tailor the scorecard and dashboard to their specific contexts and requirements.

Why did We Create Project EquiTee?

In recent years, there's been a troubling surge in the introduction of anti-trans bills across state legislatures, with over 600 such bills introduced at the state level in 2023 alone. This onslaught directly targets vulnerable communities, including Black and BIPOC LGBTQIA+ individuals, youth, and those at the intersections of disability, income, race, and immigration status. For these marginalized populations, the impact is devastating, exacerbating existing inequalities and amplifying feelings of discrimination, fear, and insecurity.
The introduction of these bills serves as a stark reminder of the systemic barriers faced by transgender and non-binary individuals, particularly those navigating multiple marginalized identities. These legislative efforts perpetuate harmful narratives that undermine the safety and well-being of vulnerable populations, further entrenching systemic discrimination.
Tragically, the consequences of these legislative attacks extend beyond rhetoric, leading to increased mortality rates among marginalized communities. The intersectionality of these factors compounds the impact, leaving individuals facing heightened risks of violence, discrimination, and harm.
The urgency of addressing these issues is underscored by recent data showing that just four months into 2024, over have been introduced nationwide. This relentless assault on the rights and dignity of transgender and non-binary individuals highlights the critical need for collective action to dismantle systemic discrimination and ensure the safety and well-being of all members of our communities.
While there are many incredible anti-trans legislation trackers available, two platforms stood out to us: and Despite their comprehensive coverage of state-based anti-trans legislation, we identified a critical gap in holding individual legislators accountable. These trackers provide essential legislative information, but our focus is on highlighting the voting records and accountability of individual legislators, ensuring transparency and accountability in legislative decision-making processes.
The sponsors of bills are generally easy to find, but it’s far more difficult for individuals or small organizations to track and aggregate an individual's voting history. Even if the majority of bills introduced do not become law, their mere introduction has the effect of normalizing attacks on and stripping away the autonomy and rights of trans people.
Through our commitment to accessibility, dynamism, and inclusivity, we aim to make a difference in our communities by providing valuable political insights and tools for advocacy. Our ultimate goal is to see the dashboard expand to include all 50 states, empowering individuals across the nation to engage with legislative data and drive positive change.
We hope Project EquiTee will serve as a resource for organizations and individual voters when it’s time to go to the polls.

Project Presentation

Our presentation shares the vision behind Project EquiTee, showcasing its transformative dashboard design and methodology. We're driven by the belief in accessible data empowering change. As we expand nationwide, our goal remains clear: to inspire action and advance equality through informed advocacy. You can review our project presentation by way of the link below!

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Questions? Comments? Feedback?

We welcome and encourage all feedback, questions, and positive comments on our research. Your observations and perspectives are essential in shaping the continued development and effectiveness of our project.
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In solidarity,
Mani & Jessy
2023 DxP Fellows

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