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Business Model Canvas Template: Master your company's business model in 4 steps

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Understand all the key drivers of our business with this business model canvas

Copy this template certified by Product School to understand the business model for your startup or a competitor

What is a business model canvas?

A business model canvas is a tool to help you understand the business model of your startup in a structured way. The goal of the canvas is to create a shared understanding on your customers, your value propositions, and how your startup makes money. The Business Model Canvas was created by Alexander Osterwalder, of .
Use this Business Model Canvas template

How to use this business model canvas template

Copy this doc
Share this doc with your team and start the timer
Write out the most important drivers in each quadrant of the canvas
Link each value proposition with a customer segment(s) and revenue stream(s)
Review the canvas your team put together and write down any reflections
Delete this intro page

Business model canvas diagram

Source: Strategyzer
At a high level, here is a description of each quadrant in the business model canvas:
Customer segments - List the top 3 that drive the most revenue
Value proposition - What is the job you get done for your customer?
Revenue streams - List your top 3 revenue streams
Channels - How do you communicate with your customer?
Customer relationships - Where do you maintain these relationships?
Key activities - What does your day-to-day look to keep your startup’s business model running?
Key resources - Human resources, financial, technology, processes; anything that you need to keep the business running
Key partners - Partners that help you keep the business running (excluding suppliers)
Cost structure - Costs derived from business activities and resources
This business canvas template is meant to be a group exercise. We hope that filling out this canvas will spur conversations about your startup’s business model, uncover new opportunities, and draw out insights you and your team didn’t know before.


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