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For every task, you’re expected to provide a soft deadline and a hard deadline.
A soft deadline is the ideal time that you think you’ll be able to deliver by.
A hard deadline is the absolute latest that you think you’ll be able to deliver by.
Generally, a hard deadline is 3-8 days after the soft deadline.
If you miss a soft deadline, we’ll send you a message checking in on you, and ensuring the hard deadline does not need to be moved. If it does, we will grant you an or a .
If you feel like you’re not going to complete your task by the hard deadline, you need to notify Foleso at least 24 hours before the hard deadline. If you miss a hard deadline without notice, you will be given a grace period of 2 days to communicate any issues. If you miss the grace period as well, you will be removed from the project.


You are given a maximum of 2 extensions to a hard deadline for any given task. If you feel you need more, it’s likely that your current task is too overwhelming to complete and would benefit from a scope reduction instead of an extension.

Scope Reduction

You can break your larger task down into smaller tasks and complete one of the smaller sub-tasks. By default, those sub-tasks are your responsibility, but you can discuss with the team and see if someone has the bandwidth to assist with them.



Everyone with active tasking is expected to check-in each week by Sunday, 9 PM EST. If you miss a check-in, you’ll be notified via message and need to get it in by Monday.
If you miss 2 check-ins in a row and don’t submit your check in later you will be removed from the project.
You do not need to check-in if you’ve been in active communication with a lead during this time.



A sprint lasts 2 weeks from Sunday to Sunday. At the beginning of a sprint, you’ll be given all your tasks and deadlines for that sprint. At the end of a sprint, there’s a sprint reflection with a summary of work completed during the sprint, and what will be the focus of the next sprint.


If you live in a place where you can’t work properly (family, noise, etc.) you’re entitled to a $100/month reimbursement for a co-working space. Before availing, you must first send a link to the coworking space and a receipt of payment in order for reimbursement. An example of a coworking space is . You can also find co-working spaces on sites like . You cannot use the reimbursement for any residential spaces (i.e: an apartment), even if you intend to use it professionally.


If you’re removed from the project, you’ll be given clear reasoning and full payment for all work completed up to that point.
The potential reasons for project removal are:
Missing a hard deadline without notice.
Missing 2 check-ins without notice (only applies if you have active tasking and are not in active communication).
General lack of communication despite repeated attempts to provide resources and support.
Racist/homophobic/transphobic/sexist/bigoted remarks or behavior.
Disrespectful behavior toward other team members.

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