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We believe we have a unique opportunity for the coaches and Learners to come together in the Product Club community to help each other grow. We have a good mix of folks that have a lot of great experience and folks that are actively seeking guidance to become awesome PMs.

We are thinking of piloting a small coaching group for a quarter to see if this is something that will benefit our Product Club members. Please note that we would only be trialing this and will be asking for a $42.42 donation fee from Learners that will be directly paid by you to charities. We are asking this because Coaches are taking time out of their day to help you and we want to only work with Learners that can make the time for the next quarter. The Coaches will make no profit from this pilot. In fact, we are asking for a higher donation fee from them to participate.

We know your time is valuable and we want to make sure we are only working with club members that are interested and committed. We will be piloting this and will scale this if it is a positive experience for both Learners and Coaches.

What’s in it for me?

You will receive coaching from a select group of Coaches who are part of the Product Club community. You can receive coaching in multiple areas to get better in PM craft. Anything that is shared between your Coach and yourself is confidential.

How this would work

To participate, you would fill out a 5-minute form (will be shared soon) and show proof of donation payment. You would donate to a choice of three charities:
- Preventing and relieving suffering, here at home and around the world
- Donate to cure childhood cancer
- Give all animals a second chance
Once you have paid the donation fee, you will have access to a Coach directory. On this directory, you will be able to see Coach profiles (similar to the Product Club - Directory) and contact Coaches that best fit your goals.
Please only select Coaches that best fit whom you think can help your goals. Ideally, you will work with the same Coach over a period of time. We understand that finding the right Coach can feel a lot like dating, which is why we leave it open to you both to decide whether it’s a good fit via email.
You should not be contacting more than 3 coaches total.
Coaches will send out a feedback request to the Learners post each live session. Coaches will also be logging who they are meeting with, so we can keep track of how the program is going overall.


By paying the donation fee, the minimum expectation is that you will have access to a curated directory of Coaches from within Product Club. You will have to email and schedule a time if it’s a good fit for both you and the Coach.
Please be mindful that these Coaches have busy jobs and personal lives (just as you do) so they may not respond right away. Coaches have full discretion who they choose to have a live 1:1 with. As stated before, Coaches will not make a monetary profit from these sessions.
It is the responsibility of the Learners to email the Coaches to express interest. When you have a live 1:1 scheduled, it is also your responsibility to be there on time and be present. If there are more than 2 consecutive ‘no shows’ from your Coach w/o a clear explanation, please let Shre and Ameen know so we can investigate and correct things.
Similarly, if there are more than 2 ‘no shows’ from a given Learner, that Learner will be asked to exit the pilot.

Next steps

If you’re interested, please fill out this 5 minute form (link will be available the week of June 26).
IMPORTANT: Please only fill out this form after reviewing this doc in detail.
Shre and Ameen will communicate the next steps in the next week or so.
We’ll experiment with this team for a quarter. The Product Club team will be monitoring the feedback and helping where possible.
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