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This is a private directory of Product Club Coaches. Please only contact the Coaches who would be a good fit for the reasons why you are seeking Coaching.
When you contact a Coach, clarify that you are a Product Club member, you are reaching out because you would like to get coaching from them, specify what question(s) you have for them, whether you’d like to get them answered over email / Slack / Zoom, and if Zoom, provide a list of time slots that work well for you (note that some coaches might reply back with a link to their Calendly, to make scheduling easier).
Note that not every coach will be able to meet you or otherwise address your questions. This is to be expected, so do not get disappointed or upset if that happens.
While it can take a few tries to find the right coach, you should not be meeting with more than 3 coaches listed here (to make good use of everyone’s time).
As with everything else on Product Club, do not share this directory with anyone else for any reason whatsoever.
Make sure to re-read the details of this pilot coaching program

Prashanthi Ravanavarapu
Andrew Skotzko
Nidhi Wadmark.jpeg
Nidhi Wadmark
John Billington
Max Chanoch

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Prashanthi Ravanavarapu
Bay Area, CA
Throughout my career, I have been driven by a deep alignment with my passions and a relentless pursuit of roles that allow me to leverage my strengths. As an introvert with a diverse background, I have harnessed the transformative power of servant leadership and authenticity, infusing these qualities into every facet of my work. As a seasoned product leader, I have successfully incubated, built, and launched a diverse range of products. Beyond these achievements, I have played a pivotal role in shaping product functions, defining customer discovery practices, and establishing new functions and teams. Progressing through the ranks of product leadership, I have consistently championed customer needs, cultivated a positive culture, and supported the growth of individuals within organizations. As an individual, I have faced and overcome hardships with grace. I have learned to integrate work and life, and I understand the art of achieving goals with unwavering determination and radical prioritization, all while being a fully involved sports Mom. The most successful years in my career coincided with homeschooling my son, giving me a unique perspective on what it takes to succeed and lead a fulfilling life. What truly drives me is helping others thrive and unlock their true potential, even when they may be hesitant to pursue their aspirations. I have a unique ability to recognize strengths in others that they may not see in themselves. Drawing upon my lifelong journey of learning, I leverage my experiences to empower others on their own career paths.
Your Success is My Success!
My coaching philosophy centers on a powerful belief: your success is the true measure of our relationship's success. As your coach, I am fully invested in your journey, bringing to the table a wealth of experience, a relentless passion for learning, and the wisdom gained from both triumphs and setbacks.
Unearthing Unique Strengths
At the core of my coaching philosophy is the belief in identifying your unique strengths and unleashing your unbounded potential.
Goals that Propel You Forward
Our coaching journey begins with clear, purposeful objectives. Together, we will set powerful learning goals that drive you towards success. Throughout our engagement, I will remain committed to helping you achieve those goals, supporting you every step of the way. But remember you are in the driving seat.
Fresh Perspectives, Insights & Tools
As your coach, I will bring a my perspectives, insights, and tools to our sessions. I will share my experiences and resources to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to surpass your aspirations. Our partnership will be a dynamic exchange of ideas, equipping you with the tools to thrive both personally and professionally.
Breaking Free from Limiting Beliefs
I specialize in transformational coaching, supporting individuals through major life changes and empowering those who seek to create profound shifts in their lives. I unshackle learners from their limiting beliefs and can help them progress ahead. Together, we will break free from limiting beliefs, unleashing the true potential that lies within you. With my guidance, you will confidently progress towards the future you envision.
Product Management
Product Discovery
Good to Great Product Management
Various functional topics of Product Management like Prioritization, Defining OKRs, Data Driven product management etc.,
Leadership and Product Leadership
Influencing - managing up and down and sideways
Building and Leading high-impact teams
Creating a strong product culture
Change Management
Product Vision & Strategy
Developing as a strong leader
Personal Development
Identifying and unshackling limiting mindsets
Career Management
Women in leadership
Building a personal brand
Work-life integration
While I have domain expertise and experience in FinTech, Financial Inclusion, Social Impact, and Nonprofits, I can apply my experience and coaching to most B2C domains
Anybody who can leverage time of 6.00 pm - 10.00 pm pst or weekends pst hours
Mid to senior product folks would be great. But open to early career PMs as well.
Coachable. They have been able to others to improve in the past.
Whatever their learner style, they are willing to learn, put in the time and effort
Diverse candidates who need an additional boost and external voice to help them get through their internal limiting beliefs.
They never miss a coaching slot. If they do have to cancel, they are communicating a few hours in advance if not 24 hrs in advance. They never end up in a no-show
Andrew Skotzko
Los Angeles, CA
For 15 years, I’ve been building teams and products used by 80M+ consumers and thousands of B2B customers.
I’ve worked at all company stages, from early startups to the Fortune 100, and in both B2B + B2C.
I’ve worked in spaces ranging from consumer web, hardware, decentralized communities, open-source, developer tools, mental health, human performance, agriculture, and ocean science.

In addition to the product craft, I’m a lifelong student of what makes people tick and how products help them thrive (or fail to). I’ve had a serious meditation practice for over a decade, and have extensively studied cognitive science, behavioral science, and organizational dynamics in both applied and formal contexts.
If you aren’t willing to explore the inner game—all the stuff that’s hard to copy/paste—that will be the glass ceiling on your craft. The outer game (tactics, etc) is much simpler and easier to learn. Gotta have both.

I live at the intersection of product coaching & exec coaching. What that means is that the domain is product, and the craft is product, but I also aim to support and challenge the whole person to grow.

I also push hard for rigorous, connected thinking that connects all levels and systems in the org (head), as well as cultural and relational practices that set each person up to be a champion in their role (heart).
Product leadership & culture
Building a strong product culture: people, practices, priorities, perception
Exec & leadership / x-department collaboration
Product-led growth
Vision & strategy development + comms, especially in 0-1 products
Stepping up to a new level in product
Coaching PMs and weaving people development into culture
Leadership decision stack, e.g. connecting the dots from vision/mission down to discovery & delivery
Team topology changes
Shifting to a strong product culture from sales/marketing-led, or engineering-led


Workplace tech
Environmental & sustainability
Mental health & cognitive sciences
Deep tech
Social impact / tech for good


Anywhere in the Americas is easy. Europe possible, but takes more coordination.
(1) Senior PMs through Head of Product (2) Founder responsible for product—especially if they don’t have a strong product background
Committed, thoughtful, self-aware, open to exploring how their inner game & mindset shapes their outer game.
Nidhi Wadmark.jpeg
Nidhi Wadmark
Bay Area, CA
Over the years I’ve built products in multiple domains, Some products are in use by 400M+ customers and 30M+ small & medium-sized businesses, globally. I’ve designed an internal product management academy for globally distributed product managers and founded internal and external product communities. My career journey in the US commenced as a flight attendant, took me onward to the US Central Banking and the fintech space from where I propelled forward to Capital Markets > Management Consulting > Healthcare > and then FinTech. All of them in the product management space where my laser focus has been easing and improving the customer experience. Leading a global employee resource group (ERG) pillar on disability inclusion, proposing iSponsorHer, an initiative to bring more women into product leadership roles (got a mention in HBR), and presenting Baby Box for every newborn at a healthcare company, remain my most treasured accolades. These initiatives have both helped me find a part of myself and put me on the path to being a kinder and more supportive human being, and not just within the business and work realm. I believe life is too short to build bad products, services or teams.
I am committed to being your powerful asset and force multiplier, empowering you to not only succeed but thrive in achieving your goals. I approach our coaching relationship as a collaborative and equal endeavor. As partners, I bring a wealth of knowledge from diverse domains, along with Shreyas’ frameworks and unwavering accountability.
FinTech, Healthcare, Capital Markets, Management Consulting
Can work in Pacific Time (PST)
Student, Early to Mid Career
Actively interested in being coached or at least in self-improvement.
John Billington
Boston, MA Suburbs
With a rich experience spanning more than 20 years in product management and marketing, my expertise lies at the crossroads of B2B SaaS and consumer product marketing. Most recently I was the Director of Product Management at Litmus, and I held Senior Product Manager roles at Yesware, iRobot, and Copyright Clearance Center. I led Brand Management & Product Marketing for PC and online games at publishers Ubisoft, Atari, and Sierra. I am also the founder of an early online streaming company, My journey has taken me through the realms of individual contributor roles as well as hiring, leading, and coaching Product Managers. My educational background includes an Engineering degree from the University of Virginia and an MBA from UC Berkeley.
My coaching philosophy is to empower you to unleash your full potential through introspection, skill development, and a commitment to personal growth. More details below:

Values and Beliefs:

Personal Growth through Reflection: I firmly believe that genuine personal growth is rooted in deep internal work. It is crucial to understand what drives you and what you tend to avoid.
Leveraging Strengths: Every individual possesses unique strengths. Focusing on honing these strengths is key to building confidence and a sense of self-efficacy.
Skill Development: While learning and skill development can be challenging, I believe that through deliberate practice and perseverance, anyone can excel and gain confidence in their chosen field.
Healthy Self-Comparison: Comparing oneself to others can be detrimental to self-esteem. Instead, it is more productive to compare your current self to your past, and concentrate on envisioning and working toward the person you aspire to be in the future.
Customer-Centric Product Management: Exceptional product management is underpinned by empathy for customers and the capacity to resonate with their needs and challenges.

Approach to Coaching

Goal-setting: We will collaborate to set precise goals and OKRs tailored to your personal development journey.
Listening and feedback: I will listen intently to understand your unique context, personality, and situation, and provide constructive feedback grounded in my experience.
Skills and Challenges: Together, we will identify the challenges you face and the skills you need to develop. I will guide you in establishing a plan for deliberate practice to foster improvement.
Reframing beliefs: I will assist you in re-imagining and re-framing any limiting or negative beliefs that may be hindering your progress.
Makign progress: Through regular check-ins and tracking mechanisms, I will help you to remain focused and ensure that you are making strides towards achieving your goals.
- Mastery of Product Management - Transitioning from Individual Contributor to Manager - Addressing People-related Issues - Developing Continuous Discovery Habits - Business and Product Strategy - Product-Led Growth Strategies - B2B SaaS Insights and Best Practices
B2B SaaS and Product Led Growth
I’m on the East coast but can find time for other time zones
Early to Mid-Career PMs
PMs interested in self development.
Max Chanoch
Jersey City, NJ
Experienced global product leader with a distinguished background in driving growth and revenue with product-led growth.
Highly skilled in product sense, product discovery, rapid experimentation and dynamic prioritization based on ROI.
Specializes in designing, scaling, and leading a data-driven, empathetic, strategic, culturally rich, and empowered work environment where top performing product and engineering teams partner to deliver the most important customer outcomes.
Has a unique capability to create, promote and execute a shared vision of the future, turning northstars into product successes.
2008 - 2011: Business Analyst
2011 - 2013: Associate PM, PM
2014: Director of Product
2015: PM
2016: Sr PM
2017 - 2018: Director of Product
2019 - 2022: Head of Product
2023: Associate VP, Product
Be successful, be you.
My goal is to turn product managers into excellent product leaders that drive massive outcomes for their organizations and receive recognition for their success. I focus on four pillars: product-led growth, customer empathy, ROI and culture.
I am also capable of coaching on the following.
Product Vision & Strategy
PM Management
PM Hiring
Organizational Development
Company-scale Execution
Commercial Sense
Engineering Partnerships
Product Development Lifecycle
Strategic Partnerships
Negotiation and Procurement
Data, BI and Data Lakes
Customer Privacy & Brand Safety
System Architecture
Happy Paths
Company Sale (1)

Ad Tech, Mar Tech, Ed Tech
East Coast
Associate Product Manager - Director of Product
Works smart, works hard
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