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Praful Gupta - Postscript

👋🏻 Hi,

This doc is my version of a “Resume”. This is a detailed doc and have a lot of information regarding my work experience, things I have learned over the years, testimonials and my thoughts on product, design and team culture.
I understand that this isn’t a conventional “resume” but it is deliberate. I strongly believe that it is impractical to think that we can assess for team-fit and product sense over a few hour long discussions with questions that are easily hack-able and offer limited insights into how a person deals with problems in real life.
This doc is long and it might require anywhere from 15-20 mins of your time to go through. But this will provide a far richer insight into how I work and think than hours of interviews asking me to tell you “about my favourite product”, “how will I build a refrigerator for the blind” or “What I will do if Amazon sees an increase of 15% in their returns”.
I request you to please spend time going through this.


Just like any new product, this take of mine on a “Resume” need not be perfect. I will be grateful to you if you will share your thoughts and feedback on making this better and easy to consume for the end user.
You can share your feedback with me at or Whatsapp me @

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