Onboarding/Creating an LP

List of LongPlays (LPs) will be tracked as a blockchain ledger inspired by Bitcoin’s architecture. Each block will be added once the following is completed (relate it to the process for creating a vinyl album):
A person wants to create an LP (a set identifier that will hold all of their transactions and creations). A little different from bitcoin, because an LP is essentially a space that will allow future transactions to populate from a single author
Prospective LP holder deposits $33 USD worth of Bitcoin into a contract that signals they want to be paired with a miner
They can choose their miner or have one selected at random from the network - a miner can do no more than 3/day, so if they’re backed up, it’s best for them to choose a different miner in the network or have one selected at random so they can get their LP# faster
Miner and potential LP holder have a conversation that’s recorded (audio and/or video):
Intro: miner walks through a presentation of the polymathProcess in their own words and introduce the default categories
Application: miner explains how they’ve applied the process to their own LP
Brainstorm: Miner and potential LP holder have a convo where the potential LP holder can ask questions and bounce ideas around about how they might get started
*This is set at a max time of 33 minutes
*This can be private or added to ourLongPlay as a podcast - way for miner and potential LP holders to promote their work with the network
Potential LP holder goes through the questions and fills them out based on their interests/values and sends to the miner for review
Miner reviews the responses to the questions and can provide comments that the potential LP holder can accept if they’d like.
Once they’re both at a level they accept, their proposal is sent to 33 different people in the network for review.
Once 33 people approve of the submission, the LP is “pressed” into the blockchain with the following inputs
LP details/questionnaire
Recorded brainstorming conversation
33 network approvals
“Miner” LP#
Confirmation of $33 payment from new LP holder to “miner”
Hash of previous block
Once an LP is created, the person is free to contribute to it however they’d like
Organizing content on coda - provide documentation suggesting how to organize content
Posts on Social Media - documentation for how to organize hashtags
Blog posts on Medium - documentation for how to organize post tags
Creating a website - documentation for website structure
Creating an NFT marketplace - documentation for creating an NFT marketplace
Creating a graphic novel - documentation for creating a graphic novel
Creating a board game - documentation for creating a board game
Creating a video game - documentation for creating a video game
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