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Lightpaper [Draft] - 2021.06.01

What now?

“What now?” — A simple question with limitless possibilities. Our civilization’s previous responses created our present moment, and from here, our answers will fundamentally impact all life on The Planet and anywhere else we explore. With that in mind, another question becomes infinitely more important:
Who’s responsible for answering "What now?” on behalf of The Planet?
Currently, Humans give centralized institutions the power to define The Planet’s path, but if we remember that every human is an extension of The Planet, it becomes clear that everyone’s perspective deserves to carry a lot more weight. It’s time for Humans to take editorial control over our shared narrative.
The polymathProcess exists so humans can form decentralized responses to The Planet’s most meaningful questions. The polymathProcess is for you if you’re interested in:
sharing meaningful content that supports The Planet’s evolution
getting paid for the value your content creates for others
protecting your intellectual property (IP)

What is the polymathProcess?

The polymathProcess is a societal protocol for creating subcultures that promote autodidactism, biomimicry, and ego development so every person is free to:
explore and express their curiosity
break down outdated institutional norms
support the growth of a more sovereign society

With the polymathProcess, the subculture you create will be defined by LongPlays (LPs) and EpicPlaylists (EPs):
Your LongPlay (LP) represents the vinyl substrate for the music inspired story you and your community are creating together. Your LP defines the quality of all the content your subculture will share.
EpicPlaylists (EPs) symbolize how the content you create is etched into the vinyl substrate of your LP. EPs combine epic poetry and music playlists to present your content as a series of engaging stories that help people reimagine how they can relate to themselves and society.

LongPlay (LP) - Set the tone for your subculture

LongPlays (”LPs”) are music inspired brand stories for you to explore your interests, express your values, and develop creative projects that transform your reality.
You can define the reality you’re working towards by creating a LongPlay (LP). Below is the set structure of every LP. Within this framework, you’re free to use your imagination to turn your story into whatever you’d like.
To help frame your perspective, every LP has these same characters. The concepts are set in stone, but how you name and represent them in your story is completely up to you.
Protagonist - The Planet
Antagonist - Humanity’s collective ego
Muse - You/Your brand

Starting your LP
ourHome (root) - How we’re defining what The Planet is together.
Ecology - Content about non-human plants and/or animals
Physiology - Content related to how the systems of the human body work
Culture - Content that shines a light on historical and current human culture.
myHome (sacral) - How we’re defining what humans are together.
Relate - Content about how humans can better relate to The Planet, eachother, or themselves
Body - Content about how people can improve their physical health (nutrition, exercise, etc.)
Mind - Content about how people can improve their mental health
ourAwareness (solar plexus) - How we’re defining our present situation, and assigning the antagonist (humanity’s collective ego).
Breath - Content that reminds people to consciously breathe to control their emotions.
Music - Content that shares music to help people resonate with better energy.
Shadow - Content that highlights the aspect of your industry that needs to improve.
myJourney (heart) - How we’re defining the collective mission of humans.
Create - Content that highlights what you’re creating or inspires others to create.
Habit - Content that reminds people about the importance of discipline
Wealth - Content that teaches people about financial literacy/freedom
ourJourney (throat) - How we’re defining institution’s mission.
Decentralization - Content that promotes a more democratized society
Space - Content that promotes how we can create more engaging shared spaces
Time - Content that promotes how we can enjoy our time in our newly defined spaces
myConnection (third eye) - How we define the purpose of humans.
Belief - Content about spiritual beliefs you’re interested in.
Science - Content that teaches people about the scientific process.
Meaning - Content that explores how humans define their reality with beliefs and science.
ourConnection (crown) - How we define The Planet’s purpose.
Mythology - Content about creating a shared mythology for The Planet.
Play - Content about gamification and how to create a more fun/engaging reality.
Consciousness - Content that explores the fundamental nature of reality
polymathProcess - How we’re answering “What Now?”
Autodidactism -
Biomimicry -
Ego Development - What is the shadow (ourAwareness)
ourLongPlay - What is your purpose?
Evolve - What are you changing?
Values - What do you care about?
Brand - How will you tell your story?

These questions are intentionally vague so you can have a blank canvas to define your goals. This is great, but we also understand that getting started can be tough. Email trainfarb@gmail.com if you want help brainstorming!

EpicPlaylist (EP) - Organize your content

After getting an LP# for your brand story, it’ll be time to create your first EpicPlaylist (EP)! The questions you answered to get your LP# will help define how the content you create is organized in your EP.
This is just the first draft, so sorry if it’s confusing. As we work with you, you’ll become a co-author to this document, so we look forward to you helping that make more sense in the future.
Below is the structure that allows you to add content to your EPs on an ongoing basis. You’re free to focus on one or all of the sections based on what you’re most passionate about.
lp# - [Title of LongPlay (LP)] by [person/brand]
ep0 - Pilot: [Title of EpicPlaylist (EP)]
gr0 - pP: [Song Name] by [Artist]
v0 - Autodidactism
v1 - Biomimicry
v2 - Ego Development
gr1 - oH: [Song Name] by [Artist]
v0 - [Verse/Value Title]
b0 - [Content to be shared (ex. Book Title)]
b0.0 - [Content shared online (ex. Quote from Book)]
b1 - [Content to be shared (ex. Video Title)]
b1.0 - [Content shared (ex. Full Video)]
b1.1 - [Content shared (ex. Clip of Video)]
gr2 - mH: [Song Name] by [Artist]
gr3 - oA: [Song Name] by [Artist]
gr4 - mJ: [Song Name] by [Artist]
gr5 - oJ: [Song Name] by [Artist]
gr6 - mC: [Song Name] by [Artist]
gr7 - oC: [Song Name] by [Artist]
gr8 - oLP: [Song Name] by [Artist]
ep1 - [Title of EpicPlaylist (EP)]
ep2 - [Title of EpicPlaylist (EP)]

ourLongPlay - How it’s organized

Every person is free to create a LongPlay (LP) that’s completely unique to them. As more and more people share their story, the collection will slowly start to clarify what we should be doing for The Planet.
Similar to how EpicPlaylists (EPs) are the episodes/chapters to your LP, each LP is part of the broader series that makes up ourLongPlay.
Within the community of LPs, we’ll be able to tap into one another’s talents to get help in the following areas:
Support with creating a coda page to organize your LP
Design/Branding for your social media content strategy to clarify your vision
Website Design to share your story
NFT Marketplace Design/Development to protect your intellectual property (IP)
Graphic novels/video game design to turn your story into a beautiful mythology

This is meant to be fun.
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